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Malaterra: 7 differences Broadchurch and French remake – Screenrush

Malaterra, which begins tonight on France 2, is the “remake” of French Broadchurch. But who said adaptation does not say necessarily copy to 100%. Find out what changes from one series to another.

At first, discovering the first two episodes of Malaterra, fans of Broadchurch may well have the impression of being faced with a too faithful adaptation. It is true that the beginning of the French remake is very close to the original, reproducing some scenes almost identical. But once the starting point of the plot asked, you realize that not everything is the same and that the writers of Malaterra have tried to bring their leg, to make the series a different work, that can please the greatest number, including those who have already seen Broadchurch .

Back 7 striking differences between the two series …

Malaterra, Corsican investigation

Exit cold landscapes Dorset in south-west England. For Malaterra , the choice of production and scriptwriters fell on Corsica, and more precisely on the Nebbio region (in Corsica), where the shooting took place in the spring last one. Landscapes between sea and mountains, light photography, the framework offers undoubtedly a different visual identity to the series, although the relevance of this “heat” over the plot is less obvious (where the gray Broadchurch, she immediately made sense). Perhaps a way to strengthen the community effect, and primordial importance in Corsica in history

A denouement completely redesigned

When setting Project site, Shine Films France, which produces the series, and the France 2 announced clearly: the end of Malaterra is different from Broadchurch . And the least we can say is they did not lie! The murderer is not the same, but especially the mobile and all that that implies for the affected characters or indirectly completely deviate from the original series. Can not say more for the moment, except that the term “origin” is of importance.

On the other heroes The pain is not the same

As in the original series, a veil of mystery hanging over the private life of Thomas Rotman, the gendarmerie captain portrayed by Simon Abkarian . But then Alec Hardy (David Tennant) suffers from heart problems Broadchurch , all we can say for now is that the writers have decided to book a spell “different “the health of the little hero of warm Malaterra . But what is certain is that more than a secret gnawing Thomas Rotman

Exit the husband of the heroine

On the side of the Chief Warrant Officer Karine Marchetti second half of the duo star of Malaterra , a lot of changes as well. The heroine played by Constance Dollé is indeed a widow. The husband of Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), the interviewer Broadchurch , whose importance in the plot is paramount, has borne the brunt of the adjustment, probably to assert from the beginning, that the outcome would be different. Karine Marchetti has against “won” the parents, played by Catherine Hiegel and Yves Afonso, with whom she lives, always with the aim of away the character of his “model” created English and her own identity to the French version .

Representative character of French society

The heroes are not the only ones to be characterized in a slightly different Malaterra . Some more minor characters, but nevertheless have an important role to play in the unfolding of the plot and the investigation have indeed also been changed from one series to another. One of the most egregious examples: the pastor of Broadchurch Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) here became a priest, Clement Costil (logic) that, behind his lack of alibi for the night of murder, hides an important secret in connection with the place of priests in French society

Different into dressing

As is more in the case today (including the United States, but not only), Broadchurch , which aired on the British channel ITV, has chosen not to propose generic early in its episodes , preferring to reveal the title of the pop standard image, which provides, once again, the visual identity of the program, whose beauty is more to remember. Malaterra , she, like many French series, opted for a plain old generic. After all, it is also a way to keep this remake of the series of which it is adapted. The generic is conventional in form, but at least avoids cutesy song soundtrack (that’s something …).

Even more slowly than Broadchurch?

Not negligible in a series like Malaterra , which mixes thriller and human drama, operating a kind of autopsy of a small community, the mood seems almost even heavier than Broadchurch . The silences, especially within couples Viviani (Louise Monot and Nicolas Duvauchelle) are legion and manage to push through even more strong emotions (proof that an overflow dialogue is not always a good thing). About the pace of the series, it seems even slower than in the original (yes, that’s possible!). The survey takes his time, and leaves us at the same time time to attach ourselves to the characters

The trailer of Malaterra.

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