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Attacks in Paris. The appalling list of 129 dead or broken destinies – Ouest-France

Here is the profile of some of the 129 victims of the deadly attques Friday. A terrible list of broken destinies delivered by AFP

– Nick Alexander 36 years, an Englishman of Colchester, sold products bearing the image of the group Eagles of Death Metal when he was killed at the Bataclan. “Nick died doing the job he loved and we are comforted to see how much he was loved by his friends around the world” , his family wrote in a statement.

– Jorge Alonso de Celada , a Spaniard, 59, died on one of the outdoor cafes targeted by terrorists

. – Thomas Ayad, 32, native of Amiens, was killed at the Bataclan. This field hockey enthusiast was a producer for the house of Mercury Music Group drives (Universal)

-. Ben Halima Khalifa Saadi 34. This young woman from Menzel Bourguiba (Tunisia), near Bizerte, lived in Senegal. She was in Paris to celebrate a birthday

-. Hodda Ben Khalifa Saadi, 35 years, her older sister, lived in Paris while his family settled in Le Creusot (Saône- et-Loire). She was with her sister at her birthday party

. – Maxime Bouffard, 26, native of Coux (Dordogne), died at the Bataclan. This party animal, rugby fan, lived for four years in Paris, where he was making movies

-. Quentin Boulenger, 29 years, died at the Bataclan. This inhabitant of the seventeenth arrondissement was from Reims

-. Elodie Breuil, 23 years, was killed at the Bataclan where she spent the night with six friends. She studied design in Paris at the École de Condé. On January 11, she marched with her mother Republic Square in Paris

-. Ciprian Calciu , 32, a Romanian national, died at La Belle team where he was with his girlfriend, Lacramioara Pop. They were parents of a child aged 18 months

-. Nicolas Catinat , 37, was killed at the Bataclan, while he was in the pit. Living in Domont, Val-d’Oise, he sought to protect his friends by standing in a human shield

-. Nicolas Classeau, 40 years, father of three children aged 6, 11 and 15, fell under the bullets at the Bataclan, where he was attending the concert with his partner wounded. Amateur guitarist, this inhabitant of Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis) was director of the IUT Marne-la-Vallée (Seinte-et-Marne)

-. Precilia Correia, 35 . Portuguese, she was employed at the house of Mercury Music disks. She died at the Bataclan

-. William Decherf, 43 years was an independent journalist working for several titles including covered rock music for the cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles. He had recently written about the new album by the Eagles of Death Metal group, which occurred at the Bataclan massacre evening. He was the father of two daughters

. – Asta Diakite , cousin of the player of the France team football Diarra, who was playing on the lawn of Stade de France when the explosions occurred. She died as she took a glass terrace with a friend, also fell under the bullets

-. Colaco Manuel Dias , 63, a Portuguese soccer fan who lived in Paris for 45 years, died while he was outside the Stade de France

-. Delplace Elsa , 35, came to the concert Eagles of Death Metal with her mother and her 5 year old son. The daughter and mother, Patricia San Martin, 61, were killed, while the boy survived

-. Alban Denuit, 32 Bordeaux plastic graduate of Fine -Arts of Paris, died at the Bataclan. He obtained his doctorate this summer in fine arts with honors unanimously, after a thesis started in 2009 in Bordeaux 3, where he taught

-. Romain Didier, 32, rue de Charonne was with his wife, Lamia Mondeguer, when done to both cut down. Originally from Sury-en-Vaux (Cher), he lived in Paris, where he had been manager of a particular bar in the sixth arrondissement

-. Elif Dogan to Belgian nationality. Installed for four months on the streets of Bataclan, she died at the Bataclan under the terrorist bullets as his companion Milko Jozic

-. Fabrice Dubois, 46 years, copywriter Publicis council was in the middle of the pit Bataclan when terrorists stormed. He came to the concert with some friends. Married, with two children aged 11 and 13, he was nicknamed the “gentle giant” because of his height 2m

-. Thomas Duperron, 30 years, a native Parisien d’Alençon looked after the communication of the Paris venue La Maroquinerie. Spectator Bataclan, died Sunday at the Percy-Clamart hospital where he had been transported

. – Mathias Dymarski , 22, works engineer, originally from Ancy -on-Moselle (Mosel). This fan of the Eagles of Death Metal group also avid skate and BMX, attended the concert at the Bataclan with his girlfriend Marie Lausch and two friends from Metz. Their two friends managed to get by, not them

-. Germain Ferey , 36, a native of Vienne-en-Bessin, Calvados. Lived in Paris and worked in the audiovisual medium. It was Friday evening at the Bataclan. “It is hard to imagine that it is possible” , told Ouest-France Rémi Françoise, the mayor of Vienna in Norman, where his parents still reside.

-Grégory Pit , 28, resident of Gambais (Yvelines). Gregory was music programmer for the D17 chain. A tribute will be paid to him on Monday at the initiative of the municipal council of the town of Gambais

-. Juan Alberto González Garrido Spanish engineer of 29 years, worked for EDF. A native of Granada, Andalusia, he lived in Paris with his wife Angelina Reina, 33 years. Present at his side at the Bataclan Friday night, the latter saw her husband fall to the ground before losing his trail, according to the daily El Pais

-. Véronique Geoffroy Bourgies, 54, formerly of the Figaro Madame, mother of two adopted children in Madagascar. It was with several friends at the terrace restaurant La Belle Equipe at the time of the attacks. Married to photographer Stéphane Bourgies, which announced his death on Facebook, she had abandoned his journalistic career a year ago to devote himself to a humanitarian organization she founded in 2004.

– Michelli Gil Jaimez , 27, was from the state of Veracruz, Mexico. She was killed at La Belle team

-. Matthew Giroud, 39 years, geographer, from Grenoble (Isère). Lecturer at the University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, specialist gentrification phenomenon, father of a little boy of three was out with friends Friday night at the Bataclan, where he was killed. He lived in Paris with his wife, pregnant with their second child

-. Cedric Gomet, 30 years, from Foucherans the Jura and lives in Paris, was at Bataclan with one of his friends, Cédric, himself wounded by bullets in the leg during the attack

-. Nohemi Gonzalez , 23, a Mexican national and American, was at the Petit Cambodia terrace in the company of a friend. Student in third year at the University of State of Long Beach in California, she was in Paris as part of a university exchange semester at Strate design school of Sevres. Described by her boyfriend as “young women sweetest” , she had to return to the United States next month. – Thierry Hardouin, 36 years, under Brigadier-filing of Bobigny, was to spend the evening in Paris at the restaurant La Belle Equipe, rue de Charonne, to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend. “Good living” , “Happy and professional man” , “Thierry was dealing daily with dangerous people. We knew he always had to stay on the alert “ says a close daily Le Parisien. Thierry Hardouin the father of two children

-. Henry Pierre-Antoine Born in Chambéry, amateur singing.. He died in the room Bataclan

-. Mathieu Hoche, 38, was a cameraman for the TV station technician 24 France since its creation in 2006, father of a young child. On his Facebook profile, he announced August 24 he had bought his ticket to the concert at the Bataclan. It was “an adorable boy, discreet, hardworking, professional” , according to the director of the channel Marc Saikali. – Djamila Hud, 41 years, a native of Paris Dreux and mother of a 8 year old girl, the newspaper L’Echo Republicain. She was killed on the terrace of restaurant La Belle Equipe, during an evening with friends

-. Mohamed Amine Ibnoumoubarak , a Moroccan, was an architect supervising the National School Superior architecture Paris-Malaquais. He was killed while he was at the bar Carillon with his wife, wounded

-. Pierri Innocenti, 40 years, “restorer stars “ according to Le Parisien. He was the owner of the Italian restaurant Chez Livio in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Friday night he was posting on Facebook a photo of the concert panel, just adding “Rock! . “

– Milko Jozic, 47 years, a Belgian national. This family man living with his wife Elif Dogan, also died in the street Bataclan, where they had settled there four months

-. Hyacinthe Koma, 37 years. Restaurant server Les Chics Types, in the 19th district, he was attending a birthday party at La Belle Equipe rue de Charonne. “He had many friends” , according to her little sister Amy. One of them launched a kitty on Leetchi site to help his family to fund funerals

-. Marie Lausch, 23 years old, from Metz (Moselle ). The young woman, a graduate of the Reims Business School, who had just completed a mission for a group of cosmetics, was in the room with Mathias Dymarski Bataclan, his companion for five years. He too died

. – Guillaume Le dramp, 33 years, drank a glass terrace at Bar La Belle team when he was shot down. A native of Cherbourg, he lived in Paris where he worked in a brewery.

– Christophe Lellouche , 33, killed in Bataclan was web designer. This support of OM, guitarist and composer Oliver Group, was mainly “a fan of music in general and especially concerts” , told AFP one of his relatives.

– Cédric Mauduit 41 years. Director of the modernization of the department of Calvados in Normandy. He had two young children. He was killed while attending the Bataclan concert with friends, including another victim, David Perchirin. His brother has called on social networks to bring the Rolling Stones or David Bowie, artists he admired, his funeral

-. Lamia Mondeguer was rue de Charonne killed while she was with her partner Romain Didier. She worked for the artistic agency Noma Talents

-. Fanny Minot, 29 years, editor for transmission on Canal + Supplement for several years. She died at the Bataclan. “A fan of rock ‘, according to one of his colleagues joined by AFP

-. Marie Mosser, 24 years, a passionate originating music of Nancy, had recently moved to Paris. Described as “bubbly” by his family, a specialist in communication and digital marketing, she worked for a gossip website

-. Yannick Minvielle , 39 , worked in advertising and sang in a rock band. He died at the Bataclan

-. Victor Muñoz, 25 years, died in The Beautiful Team, rue de Charonne. He was the son of an elected eleventh arrondissement

-. Navarret Bertrand , 37. According to the newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, he grew up in Tarbes, where his father was a notary, and lived in Capbreton, on the Landes coast. He had gone to Paris to spend a few days in the capital and attend the concert at the Bataclan

-. David Perchirin, forties. After being a journalist, he recently became a school teacher and taught since September 2014 in Seine-Saint-Denis. He died at the Bataclan alongside his friend Cedric Mauduit met at Sciences Po Rennes. “Good living, overflowing with energy, unflagging enthusiasm, cement their friendship has always been their passion for rock and roll” , according to the tribute paid by the Alumni Association of the establishment

-. Aurélie de Peretti, 33 years, a training graphic designer converted in restaurants, made it a joy for weeks to attend the concert Bataclan. The young woman, described as bright, was killed in the concert hall

. – Manu Perez, 40 years, artistic director at Polydor. This father posted on Facebook a few minutes before his death in a video taken from the pit Bataclan, entitled “There are those who are not” . His memory was welcomed on Twitter by several artists he was busy

-. Lacramioara Pop , Romanian, was shot at La Belle team, where she was with his companion, Ciprian Calciu

-. Prenat Carolina, 24 years, died at the Bataclan. Lyon This graphic was a graduate of Applied Arts de Lyon and the Ecole de Nancy Conde

-. Francis Xavier Prevost, 29 years, died at the Bataclan. “The love of my life forever” , wrote on his girlfriend’s Facebook page created to honor him. This passion for tennis, “always smiling, always banana” , worked in advertising in Lille

-. Valentin Ribet, 26 years, killed Bataclan. This promising young lawyer of the Paris Bar was a graduate of the London School of Economics, and has studied at the Sorbonne. Specializes in white-collar crime, Valentin was “a talented lawyer, much loved by his colleagues’ , said his cabinet, the international firm Hogan Lovells.

– Estelle Rouat, 25, was an English teacher in Paris. She grew up in Brittany, Concarneau. She died at the Bataclan

-. Kheireddine Sahbi, 29 years, Algerian nationality violinist. Nicknamed “Didine” , he returned home Friday after a night out with friends when he was killed. After science studies, he turned to music and studied for a year in Paris. “He lived in a suburb of Algiers, where the situation was very tense” and “had survived ten years of terrorism” , testified to an AFP his cousins. His body should be repatriated to Algeria

-. Lola Salines, 28 years, editor at Gründ, died at the Bataclan. Described as “caring, sensitive, rigorous, hip, enthusiastic” , it was also roller derby under the name Josie Ozzbourne, the team’s butcher shop Paris.

– Patricia San Martin , 61, was the niece of the Chilean ambassador to Mexico. This official for mayor of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) fell under the bullets of terrorists at the Bataclan, and her daughter, Elsa Delplace

-. Hugo Sarrade, 23, began his weekend concert in Paris at the Bataclan, before joining his father in Paris. Student in artificial intelligence in Montpellier, Hugo was convinced that “obscurantism is our worst enemy” , according to his father, interviewed by the daily newspaper Midi Libre

. – Madeleine S., 30, who lives in Paris, has died at the Bataclan. Described as “living, loving and curious” by his family told AFP she was a teacher of Letters in the Essonne College

-. Valeria Solesin 28 years, died at the Bataclan, after being taken hostage with her fiance and two friends. This Italian native of Venice, a doctoral student in demography, lived for four years in Paris. “We will miss her and think, considering his career, it also fail to Italy” , said his mother to the Italian media. “She was the smiling face and the brain of the brilliant young Italian community in Paris’ , near testified AFP

-. Ariane Theiller , 24, was at the Bataclan with friends when she was shot. North Originally, she moved to Paris where she worked in publishing letters after studies in Orléans and Strasbourg

-. Eric Thomé, photographer and graphic designer Paris, aged forty, music enthusiast, died at the Bataclan

-. Vernadal Olivier 44 years, was shot at the Bataclan. Agent taxes in Paris, he was from Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dôme)

-. Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, 33 years, Chilean, lived for eight years with his woman in Paris, where he worked as a musician, according to the Chilean authorities.


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