Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bataclan: The guys were armed to the teeth – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – Co-manager of Alias, Dominique Revert show producer and is also one of the owners of the Bataclan. He tells us his night nightmare

DOMINIQUE REVERT -. La Cigale for the festival Inrocks. This is a tweet that warned me. I immediately called my partner, Jules, who was smoking a cigarette outside: “There’s a bomb at the Bataclan. We need you to go! “. Jules managed to pass police security barriers and was able to break into the lobby of the entrance. It was 10:50 p.m.. He called me and said, “There are three dead bodies in the hall. The terrorists are still in the room. I hear bursts of machine guns. It’s horrible. “

What next?

Jules joined the PC security and provided the plans of the Bataclan to police.

Did you lose people on your team?

A young woman who looks after the light has died. Another member is missing. Technicians of the group that played also died. The terrorists blew themselves up in the boxes.

How were the terrorists able to enter the room?

The shooting started at the Bataclan Café . A friend of mine was seriously injured. The concert had already started so there were more people in front of the entrance. The guys were armed to the teeth. What can vigilantes face Kalashnikovs?

Did you go to Bataclan?

No. There are still bodies in the room.

Are you going to cancel all concerts you produce?

We have received from authorities of any prohibition. All the shows producers will meet next week to find out what decisions to make in security. For my part, I decided to cancel concerts Inrocks scheduled to take place tonight and tomorrow. And many groups are afraid to come. However, on Monday Marilyn Manson concert at the Zenith in Paris is maintained. And we will obviously improve security.


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