Sunday, November 15, 2015

Where are the Eagles of Death Metal? – The Parisian

Michel Valentin | 16 Nov. 2015, 0:00 | Update: 16 Nov. 2015, 0:00

No new or on Twitter or on their Facebook page or by release .. . Their only French producer said Saturday that the US group was canceling the rest of his tour and returned to his country.

The Eagles of Death Metal observed since the tragedy of Bataclan absolute discretion. Their entourage said that all musicians were safe after escaping from the back of the room and taking refuge in a police station. Their team, only the engineer fell under the bullets of the terrorists.

Neither leadeur, Jesse Hughes nor other musicians had spoken last night, even for compassion vis-à-vis the injured and the families of spectators killed …

The British want to hoist the top of the charts

This does not preclude significant mobilization in the English-speaking world, including the UK. A Facebook page was created there to raise top-selling song “Save a Prayer” (“Say a prayer”), a resumption of Duran Duran performed by the Eagles of Death Metal on their latest album, “Zipper Down “. From this page Facebook, you can download (for a fee) the song. If enough users follow suit by Thursday, the title could actually end number one British hit parade. “Say a prayer … the perfect song for us right now, explains the user who launched the campaign. Spend £ 1 to show your solidarity, not only with the group, but also to show your support to those in Paris. “

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