Monday, November 16, 2015

Attacks: the Twittos talk about their favorite memories of Bataclan – Le Figaro

REVIEW TWEETS – The hashtag #MonPlusBeauSouvenirduBataclan gathers the stories of happy moments spent in the contested concert hall by terrorists Friday night

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#MonPlusBeauSouvenirduBataclan: This hashtag spread quickly on Twitter on Monday to discuss the good times in the famous Parisian concert hall, one of the targets of Friday’s attacks. Appeared around 6:00 am, he already had more than 7,000 Tweets midday.

Jeremy Maccaud (jmaccaud), this places on Friday, the most memorable is ” the concert ofEaglesofDeathMetal before the tragedy. Last photo taken at 9:41 p.m. “.

” There are ten days toKSChoiceMusic. Share all the love of music, “tweeted Laetitia G (laetitia_Guil).

” My meeting with austin + concert, “saysmeggywut, posting photos of herself with her boyfriend .

Although Sha (saha_bien) remembers “having lost their heads and liters of water during the concertMAJORLAZER.”

“It was a Friday 13 in June 2008. Excellent concertzehefyu. The mix was poignant, “recalls Rrbk Tib (TRrbk).

Mushu (@ Mushu60) chose provocation by posting a picture of topless young woman in full concert. “That you do not care rabies a woman can show her breasts, right?” He tweeted, at Islamist fundamentalists.

The best memory of Jennifer (DustofPoste) “That’s when it died vigil took the risk of making us go up without our favorite concerts.”

“MonPlusBeauSouvenirduBataclan is coming!” proclaims Aurel ‘(chupatexxx).

Many photos and comments were also posted on Facebook and the photo-sharing network Instagram, under the same hashtag.


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