Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Star Wars 7: already 265,384 tickets sold in France – Cinema

Are you surprised, Star Wars 7 , which breaks records presales? JJ Abrams’s film do not panic as the United States, France also has a passion for The Force Wake , which was a large sum for thirty years.

According to Disney, 265,384 tickets have already been sold in the territory, 82% for sessions in 3D. Star Wars 7 so beats the record held so far by presales Grey Fifty Shades , with about 240,000 tickets sold in the upstream output

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As a reminder, 123,000 seats for Star Wars: The Rise of Force had already been sold in just three days after the opening of the ticket, October 19. In the US, the most anticipated feature film of the year has already accumulated 6.5 million in revenue.

Star Wars 7 will be in our cinemas on 16 December. Watch the trailer:


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