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Jessica Jones is it as strong as Daredevil according to the press? – Screenrush

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Thursday, November 19, 2015 – There are 4 hours and 54 minutes

Seven months after “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” is the second Marvel heroine to her debut on Netflix under the Krysten Ritter traits. In a result as successful? Elements of response with critical press.


Synopsis: At thirty years, following a post-traumatic stress, Jessica Jones, superhero, decided to convert back and opened his own detective agency …

Created By Melissa Rosenberg – with Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, Mike Colter …

Launch Date: 20 November 2015 Netflix

All about Jessica Jones

Who is Krysten Ritter?

Before embody Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter starred in …


Newsday: “Jessica Jones is a success on several paintings, and especially the one that matters most: Krysten Ritter might be the choice of the smartest cast of season, and even last season because she lives totally multidimesionnel character what Jones “ Rating: 5/5

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HitFix: “Jessica Jones is nothing like that Marvel or DC Comics tried in the field of live action, and it is excellent “ Note:. 5/5

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Variety: “The series, which is characterized by the performance of Krysten Ritter and able direction from the executive producer Melissa Rosenberg, is not a candidate for the title of best TV work related to Marvel; time for a wonderfully crowded scene, it appears as one of the most distinctive new dramas this year “ Note:. 4.5 / 5

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The AV Club: “A very reliable range of his voice and his tone” “The series is filmed so often flat and predictable, which looks like an election in order to focus on the emotion of the whole and not his “look of comic book” but that results in a series without any visual language … The rest does not interest fortunately lack De totally committed performance of Krysten Ritter. – the character could have been just as sly but she never gives this impetus – to (…) Melissa Rosenberg weaves themes so so captivating in his story, Jessica Jones works “ Note:. 4.5 / 5

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Los Angeles Times “This is the super-humanity [Jessica Jones], more than his super -pouvoirs, making as captivating series “ Rating: 4.5 / 5

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The AV Club: “The timidity of the series compared with the consequences of what his main villain is disappointing, especially on the part of a work that fully adopts a female point of view the rest of the time. However, the slow implementation of the confrontation between Kilgrave and Jessica is effective and nervously hovers over all other things she does (…) The result is a very safe set of his voice and his tone “ Note:. 4.5 / 5

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The Hollywood Reporter “Jessica Jones has a suitable action, where necessary to bring up super powers, it does so effectively minimalist (…) The tension of the series is based more on the characters. Even more than [Matt] Murdock in Daredevil, Jessica Jones leads the discussion in a series that bears his name – and thanks to [Melissa] Rosenberg and [Krysten] Ritter, the first season looks set to do well what we expected her “ Rating: 4/5

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Variety: “A candidate for the title of best Marvel series”

San Francisco Chronicle “The series is not perfect. To be honest, it drags a bit and seems repetitive, as if [Melissa] Rosenberg stretching things to increase the voltage of the public. In fact, you may feel Conversely occasionally, a desire to say “go, advance!” But continue to follow anyway “ Note:. 4/5

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Entertainment Weekly “To be honest, it’s pretty good for a Marvel series (…) Krysten Ritter is a good choice for playing Jessica, a superhero became private detective who feels his powers wane following a tragic accident that leaves her with post-traumatic stress disorder (…) The biggest weakness of the series the same as that of Jessica: It starts with an extraordinary potential and then, somewhere along the way, loses what made it special “ Note:. 4/5

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Slate “It’s dark, funny, nervous, scary, and there is hardly a trace . capes or costumes in the first seven episodes The second thing that jumps out is that it’s really, really good “ Note:. 4/5

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Philadelphia Daily News: “Jessica Jones does not require a degree in history of comics”

New York Times: “Here there is a delicate balancing act – a series of cross detective with a whimsical, at once, an action thriller from a comic book and a psychological drama about a woman en peril – but Melissa Rosenberg proves that it is generally up to the task “ Note:. 4/5

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Philadelphia Daily News: “Intelligently adapted by Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica Jones does not require a license of history comics “ Rating: 4/5

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Slant Magazine: “The series is to date one of Marvel adaptations most complex and emotionally, intermittently gloomy, a kind of melodrama about the struggle for self-confidence and personal strength as a result of a huge psychological abuse “ Note:. 4/5

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TV Guide Magazine: “[The series] is like a narrative arc-extended 13h sees [ . Jessica Jones] confront the villain Kilgrave able to control minds Less would have been more “ Note:. 2.5 / 5

“Jessica Jones” seen by Krysten Ritter and Carrie-Anne Moss:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Interview

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