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William B. Decherf, the militant metal – Liberation

Inrocks have announced on Saturday in the early evening: their journalist Guillaume Bar-Decherf, who signed William B. Decherf, is one of 89 dead Bataclan. William had virtually started in Libération : just graduated from the ESJ Lille Journalism School, he completed a summer internship in the drafting stage in 1999. The Culture the had seen disembark with his long hair, jeans cut his knee, and his passion for hard rock. Its first report, released July 13, was an account of Solidays festival, first name. A few weeks later, he went to Benicassim, near Valencia in Spain. In this high mass of indie rock, he returned excited Massive Attack, as this metal militant was open-minded enough to appreciate other genres. In 2010, he even published a biography of Indochine ( No Rest for the adventurer Premium editions).

The FM campus

Born in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse) in 1972, William grew up in Essonne, between Morsang-sur Orge Viry-Chatillon. Enthusiast Anglo-Saxon and perfectly bilingual culture, he studied in Paris-Créteil 12 and got an English master (at the time we did not say master), before managing the difficult entrance exam at the ESJ . From his college years, experience the special mark: his stay at the British Loughborough University, near Leicester, as part of the Erasmus program. He was 20. On the website Copains d’Avant, he told “I especially remember the FM campus where I animated a metal show 100% in English. I spent nights rummaging in their archives disks. A real delight. And in a financial crisis (the previous), the pound was worth nothing, so the CD and not concerts. The party! “

Between 1999 and 2003, one will find very often the signature of William B. Decherf in our columns. In early 2000, he was the special envoy of Libération in Chicago, where he met one of his favorite bands, The Smashing Pumpkins. Whose leader Billy Corgan confided her: “I accommodated abject sides of life. The demons are alert, we must make it. “

Fooding and air guitar

It is especially in the pages it occurs Guide : journalist-road, it is both critical of rock, food columnist and TV. But his specialty is the metal rock and its many chapels, he describes with erudition and sometimes accomplice irony. He thus wrote on Slipknot, “big sick death metal percussion”, “young schoolboys all crazy Sum 41″ or Finns Nightwish “one of the few reasons not to despair of traditional hard rock “. He also knew decipher the times: it is from his pen that Libération will speak for the first time in fooding (December 2000), or Air guitar (July 2002). His latest article in our pages, October 21, 2003, will be devoted to Blankass, this group of Issoudun redolent accordion and stroke to conk served even zinc “.

After collaborating with Rolling Stone Daily Metro , it is Hard Rock Mag editor in 2005-2006, arrived in 2008 to Inrocks . It follows the news hard rock and in 2012, he coordinates a special issue devoted to metal. His last column, published on October 28, was that of Zipper Down new disc of Eagles of Death Metal, which he announced the concert at the Bataclan. Where William Bar-Decherf, father of two daughters, died at 43 on Friday by the bullets of terrorists.

Francis Xavier Gomez


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