Monday, November 30, 2015

Salma Hayek: “The heart of freedom is courage” – Le Figaro

VIDEO – For two days of the release in France of the animated film the Prophet, it produces and it interprets, Mexican actress puts into perspective humanist thought of Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran with news

There are two Salma Hayek. icon International recently appointed by the Americans, “the hottest woman the decade” and committed filmmaker. This morning on France Inter , in issuing Trapenard Augustin is in his own words “the activist for freedom and women’s rights” who defended his movie The Prophet, due out in France on December 2.

During his interview, the reporter from France Inter tried to connect The Prophet , the film adaptation of the philosophical book of Lebanese author Kahlil Gibran, with timeliness, Cop 21 and the terrorist attacks that hit France on November 13.

Salma Hayek has not evaded his questions: “We are at a crossroads. ENVIRONMENTAL and address major political threats, the future could be bleak. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful, it is possible to transform the world. We must work together in a world without borders. The heart of freedom is courage. “

The Lebanese Mexican actress then returned to the importance in his eyes the film The Prophet , a work she wore from start to finish as a producer. She stressed the depth and accessibility of texts Gibran: “It is poetry, philosophy. In a way, it is also very accessible, very intelligible. Gibran speaks to the human aspect that is in us. His mind transcends religions. He talks about life, the good, the bad, childhood, beauty … but it never imposes a system. “

The producer of Prophet also explained why she wanted to take several filmmakers: “We had several points of view. Gibran’s art is the freedom it gives its readers to understand his poems. “


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