Friday, November 20, 2015

What is Jessica Jones, the new Marvel series from Netflix? – Le Figaro

THE SCAN TV / VIDEO – In this series of superhero to unexpected psychological thriller airs, Krysten Ritter opposes British actor David Tennant. Two enemy souls in distress.

After the surprise Daredevil , Netflix confirms the test with Jessica Jones, Online 9 o’clock. Traumatized by Kilgrave (David Tennant), a man with the power of suggestion which forced her to commit criminal acts, Jessica Jones (the tornado Krysten Ritter) has hung up his suit of “savior” of the world. The young woman, who struggles to pay the rent on his apartment New York seedy private detective and became unfaithful husband flushes. But his past catches up with her when she has to help a young girl, Hope, herself a victim of Kilgrave.

For his second collaboration with the giant comics, video platform continues to do the opposite films and series Marvel general public. No special effects galore at the Avengers or alien objects to the Agents of Shield . It is rather in the film noir atmosphere. Jessica Jones takes place in a New York cold and dark, “which resembles our corner” and eyeing to “psychological thriller” confided David Tennant Le Figaro in early November in London.

A universe adult

“For Jessica Jones levers are the original comics fans. It’s an adult world, “says the star of Broadchurch , radiant in the role of villain who appears only ghostly manner in the first episodes. . A rise of more threatening and successful

For example Doctor Who , which distinguishes Jessica Jones of the previous adaptations of comics is its disorders characters: “Jessica is a antihéroïne. She become an alcoholic, his conduct is not appropriate. Kilgrave is equally disturbed. If you claim everything becomes a reality, how can you develop a moral sense? “.

Jessica Jones , in which also appears the star of Matrix Carrie-Anne Moss, David Tennant, a fan of comics has always fulfilled his childhood dream. Marvel proves that it is possible to rhyme with anything other than superhero popcorn entertainment.


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