Friday, November 20, 2015

“Blackstar” the strange and disturbing clip of David Bowie – Télé

You expected a tube to sing and dance? Discription. David Bowie had warned his new album, it is the image of the clip and the song “Blackstar”, will also be tortured as tortuous qu’intrigant complex. Pleasant ? It remains to be seen.

This is it offensive announced Bowie is triggered. While general Lazarus , the play inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth , co-written by the icon and included many of his compositions (some unpublished) started in New York last night, the clip Blackstar , the flagship title of the next album to be released on January 8, was let into the night. A real short film, strange and disturbing as sophisticated, so that famous piece reveals, more than ten minutes far proved only partially in the credits of the series Panthers . And confirms its strangeness claimed. It is actually relatively far from the target rock The Next Day and closer to Sue (gold In a Season of Crime) , the jazzy experimental novel semi published as winter last one. Well, not completely, either fortunately. Because this one’s still more interesting than actually pleasant to listen repeatedly.

What do we see in the Blackstar ? Or what do do we, should we rather say. Except that, perversely, but wanted the initial promotion by its clip of a song – the most powerful privilege Adele Rihanna – it is sometimes difficult to separate the image of the sound. Especially when it is treated as frightening and disturbing that this fascinating Gloubi-boulga nightmarish images, between Gothic-apocalyptic aesthetic and mystical fragrance borrowed from the millenarian religious sect of Game of Thrones .

In a scene between Neo-Méliès and Jean-Pierre Jeunet depressive on a jazzy rhythmic percussive, both cozy but haunting, Bowie, blindfolded (almost) in a hostage position ( of which, what?) began a shaky spell, half speechless Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt in mid-voice. Haggard figures, zombified, seem made of spasms, while a skeleton floating in space … atmosphere and ambiance for the least anxiety. After the intervention of an asthmatic sax, respite finally arrived at around 4 minutes … Everything stops almost to start on a more basic “pleasant”.

Bowie, ham actor, has left his victim castoff, we fixed brandishing a notebook that looks like a grimoire, singing almost normally (before that his voice is processed with an echo effect) always fairly nebulous phrases about a melody at once classic and typical punctuated choir undead repeating “I’m a Black Star” .

6 minutes and 20 seconds, we discover our poor devils crucified while Bowie continues mantra, alluding to the flame of a candle … lonely mysterious rhythms of Ruptures, flûtiaux, progressive jazz rock sound reminiscent of Canterbury in the late 70′s but with a modern sound, we listen (and watch) the title up at the end, wondering how all this will not sound and images.

It is therefore expected that, more than ever intrigued by the form that will take the other songs of the album. Bowie we had not diverted in this way from the most surprising moments of Heroes . Atypical and bold titles like Sound of the Silent Age or Joe the Lion we knew pretty quickly tamed. Blackstar he will captivate us in the same way? Answer 8 January.


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