Thursday, November 26, 2015

“Alice in Wonderland” is getting a makeover – The Point

Alice is no longer a kid! She blows this week 150 years and offers a new outfit: a luxurious casket blue sky, beautifully decorated with gilding reminiscent of the world of Lewis Carroll (his dad!), Filled with scrolls and roses


Charles Lutwidge Dodgson , aka Lewis Carroll, is an early literary genius. From the age of 13, he wrote and illustrated magazines, composed poems. His shyness and stuttering are they the cause of his taste for puns, the “nonsense”, the fantasy and the overthrow of the realities? Anyway, this future inspired the surrealists imagine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a July 4, 1862, as he walks by boat on the River Thames with the children of his dean at Christ Church College of Oxford – Alice and her sisters. Carroll, then a girl of their age, precipitated following a white rabbit into a magical world filled with amazing creatures.

A nice Christmas present

The” real “Alice begs writer to write down the story and draw. He runs and offer him for Christmas in 1864, the magnificent manuscript reproduced by the editions of the Holy Fathers: Alice’s Adventures Under Ground , which was later published (acquired two chapters and some characters) by Macmillan under the title Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( Alice in Wonderland ).

“Writing Carroll is very regular, he took a meticulous care to write it, without corrections, sometimes emphasizing certain words to give them importance, “says the publisher. “Her punctuation is very strange as to enter echoing the very strangeness of the story. It was like the feeling Carroll desired that in the very act of reading it, one is immersed in a particular state. “

The manuscript fabulous designs offer a disarming dive into the fertile world of Carroll, and enter into a dialogue touching and contrasted with the neat handwriting of the author.

This edition consists of a package that includes two books of 112 pages each: the manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground , with the designs of Lewis Carroll, and in 1869 translation of the Alice in Wonderland , with engravings by Sir John Tenniel. It is available on the website of the Holy Fathers of the editions and delivered within 3 days of the order.

In addition to a deluxe edition of 1000 numbered copies (139 euros), a second draw ivory color print will be available after the exhaustion of the first.


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