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Death of the great director Luc Bondy, heir to the “Mitteleuropa” – Le Point

The director Luc Bondy, used of the greatest European scenes and director of one of the most prestigious French theaters, the Odeon Theatre, died in Paris at age 67, after being confronted all his life to the disease.

Luc Bondy was a pure product of Mitteleuropa which he had the refinement and eclecticism. Born in 1948 in Zurich, son of Jewish intellectuals of German and Austro-Hungarian origin, raised in Switzerland and France, he began his career in Germany, led the famous Schaubühne Berlin and the Vienna Festival for twelve years before returning to Paris three years ago to take the direction of the Odeon Theatre of Europe.

This small man with bright eyes never walked without a book is in French or more often still in German. Perfect bilingual, he admitted not knowing what language he dreamed.

In 45 years, Luc Bondy has staged more than 60 operas and 16 rooms on all major stages of Europe, adapting both Gombrowicz, Botho Strauss, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Schnitzler and that Molière, Marivaux which he said “addict” and Yasmina Reza contemporary author.

On Twitter, the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin expressed “upset” of his death, praising “a sharp understanding of dramaturgy and stage.” For Francois Hollande, Luc Bondy “embodied by his personal story and exceptional work, the culture of Europe.”

The former minister Jack Lang suggests a “wonderful director of actors ( …) rich of rare erudition. “

” I thought Luke immortal, “he told AFP scenographer Richard Peduzzi, the author sets his” Tartuffe “set up in Vienna and reassembled in Paris last year. “I’ve always known with health problems”

-. Rehearsals from its bed –

At 25, a first cancer strikes. There will be several. Health troubles punctuate his life: in 2009, he will direct from a bed on stage rehearsals at the Opera de Paris. “I have always acted as if nothing had happened, I lived, I had fun,” he confided.

He travels to debut in Germany amount Genet, Ionesco Goethe entrusted Fassbinder “Freedom in Bremen” (1972) and the international fame arrived in 1973 with “The Sea” by Edward Bond in Munich.

From 1974-1976, he worked in Frankfurt and Peter Stein calls the Schaubühne. He began to combine theater and opera, with “Lulu” Berg (1977) in Hamburg.

In total, it will stage six operas from Monteverdi to Britten via Verdi and especially Mozart .

Luc Bondy returns to France in 1984 by Patrice Chéreau which then directs the Theatre des Amandiers in Nanterre: it goes up there “Foreign Land” by Arthur Schnitzler, which it will derive in 1988 one his three films.

In 2000 in Vienna, he goes “Three Lives” by Yasmina Reza, author find it regularly. Then in 2001, takes the leadership of the prestigious Festival of Vienna that it will keep twelve.

In 2012, he was appointed to head the Odeon Theatre, after a heated debate related to non- renewal of his predecessor Olivier Py, who will take the leadership in the wake of the Avignon Festival.

Two years after his appointment, he recognized “take great pleasure” to the direction of the Odeon. Not content to invite the greatest European directors (Ivo van Hove, Romeo Castellucci, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Stein …), it brought at the Odeon young French generation Bellorini Jean Julien Gosselin, Thomas Jolly .

His own stage at the Odeon are successful: “The false confidences” with Isabelle Huppert and Louis Garrel, “Tartuffe” with Micha Lescot, also star of “Ivanov” with Marina Hands.

Luc Bondy, himself married to Marie-Louise Bischofberger actress and father of twins, was much loved actors, he accompanied with finesse and warmth. He had managed to create around him a small “family” of followers actors. As Michal Lescot who said of him: “What he proposes, I want to go there”

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