Friday, November 27, 2015

Pianist Invalides lived a “historic moment” – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Alexandre Tharaud has accompanied the soprano Natalie Dessay this morning during the ceremony commemorating the terrorist attacks of November 13. For Le Figaro , he confided his impressions, and reveals some surprising anecdotes about this concert so solemn.

LE FIGARO – With Natalie Dessay, you have performed the song Perlimpinpin Barbara to honor the victims. Why this title

ALEXANDRE THARAUD – This is one of my favorite songs. At the same time, I think it was most appropriate to the context. These are the words of a great artist who angrily oppose the war and weapons, tenderness and heart. For me, there was no song about more than this: because since this happened, it has only one desire is to hold hands. That’s what holds us. It needs to be set. In all my life I had never felt such a surge of fraternity from all religions. This song is going towards the other, and tender his arms. This song is to understand each other, to love and today there are only how we will recover.

How have you been embarked on this adventure?

I had expressed this preference to France last Sunday Music. I was told that this song, for me, was the most accurate in the light of events. Then the Ministry of Culture called me to ask me to do so. It should not be easy for them to determine what works and artists that would constitute an appropriate accompaniment, the music he had to surround these families.

How did you prepared to pay this tribute?

We really have repeated last night. It was a wire and extremely moving. We want to cry. And this morning we got up at 6am to come on site. Although I have the habit of playing, Barbara is perhaps all the French songwriters more difficult to interpret, particularly with regard to singing. I made some arrangements for the occasion. Amount on stage, Nathalie said she was afraid of collapsing … There was a quiet very heavy, very heavy. The music of silence arose and was all the more telling that gave meaning.

And the piano?

This is the same than the one I recorded the disc of the Goldberg Variations for my disk. A sublime piano with whom I used to play. He spent the whole night outside cozy and warm despite the freezing. The state has hired and was retuned this morning.

Have you had time to exchange a few words with President Francois Hollande?

He left too early unfortunately. And I did not stay long either. We had to leave families at the end of the ceremony. I was illegitimate to stay there, I preferred to leave those who needed to talk to them.

As a musician, do you think that music notes are stronger than bullets?

No, not stronger than bullets. However, as a performer, I can be a bandage, that is to say that playing the music of Bach, I can forget a few seconds to pain sufferers. And if I can be with music ointment, bandage a wound, well then I have a reason to live.


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