Friday, November 20, 2015

David Bowie out of the shadows with “Black Star”, a ten minute song – The World

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David Bowie in his video & quot; The Stars (Are Out Tonight) & quot; (2013).

Far from the radio format of the usual singles, the song / short film unfolds in a beginner anxiety epic by a morbid supplication amid breakbeats neurotic and cozy jazz. The atmosphere then slides into a semblance of calm where Bowie takes a more familiar voice racy melody, disrupted by a synthetic haunting incantation: “ I’m a blackstar .” Sometimes tortured victim, sometimes enlightened prophet, the singer is surrounded by zombies epilepsy, a voodoo priestess, scarecrow crucified skeleton of an astronaut (Major Tom?). Close to jazz and experimental colors of the new song, Sue (In a Season of Crime) , published in 2014, Blackstar appears announce the compositions of Bowie’s most daring and disturbing since album Outside (1995).

The singer has also composed several songs for a musical, Lazarus, , directed by Ivo Van Hove Theater Workshop in New York. The performances, which began Nov. 18, are already all complete.

Watch the video for “Blackstar”


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