Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gerard Depardieu: The real danger, it was never the faith – Le Figaro

Express published this week the good sheets Innocent , the actor’s autobiography published in Cherche-midi. Extracts in which the actor returns to his conversion to Islam in 1965 or its relationship with Vladimir Putin.

This is the autobiography a self comes out in bookstores this week. Gerard Depardieu says he never well attended classrooms, but was “saved by reading.” It publishes Innocent to Cherche-midi editions, a book The Express , which devoted an interview, revealed Wednesday, November 25 good leaves.

The comedian returns including its conversion to Islam on his arrival in Paris in 1965: “I went to the mosque for two years. I made the five prayers a day “After the attacks of Friday, November 13, extracts Gerard Depardieu’s book is more relevant than ever, when he wrote.” The real danger is not faith, it was never the faith. (…) The real danger is when the man with all his arrogance, his perversity and ignorance begins to interpret the scriptures for the sole purpose, not necessarily conscious, to put themselves in the place of God . (…) Here begins the manipulation. “

 Confessions of G & # xe9; Gérard Depardieu out this week at Cherche-midi.

Confessions of Gérard Depardieu out this week at Cherche-midi Copyright:

mocking Lord Gerard Depardieu speaks also, in his interview with the Express “absolute hypocrisy” of politicians. “The political act is perverted from the start,” he considers. Adding that those who are interested, “these are the builders, the builders, the rank and file.”

But it is also about a politician since reversed its controversial relationship with Putin Russian President. “I am accused Putin to attend, but I found a lot more unhealthy to attend Kennedy and their entourage,” is he justified. Russian citizen for two years, he continues: “Putin is a former thug, I heard the oligarchs who try to bleed the country. It is they who are afraid of him and not vice versa as in so many other countries. “

Gerard Depardieu will talk about his autobiography in The Great Library of Thursday, November 26th. “I fully claim my stupidity and my blunders,” is written on the back cover of Innocent . A book that promises to be the story of the brutal life of a man who has continued to shock the bourgeois.


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