Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Captain America and Iron Man face off in the trailer Civil War – Screenrush

But why Captain America and Tony Stark will they become enemies in “Civil War”, on April 27? Answer in the impressive trailer of the film, with a surprise guest.

This time there it is: the clash between Captain America and Iron Man begins … April 27, 2016. But the Civil War Trailer poses the challenges and explains why the two Avengers come to blows. As in the comics which the film is based, an incident is well cause a bill to disclose the identities of superheroes, which will generate tensions.

But the novelty is that the fate of Bucky (Sebastian Stan) will be under the spotlight, while the former Soldier of Winter still plays fugitives. That is clearly what we learn these images, more oriented on the story about the action and the will to bring together as superheroes possible in just over two minutes.

== & gt; Discover also the two camps in pictures

If one notes the presence of the Falcon and, to a lesser extent, War Machine and the Black Widow, Hawkeye or appearances and Scarlet Witch, all more like a real Captain America 3 (in tone and fight hand-to-hand) that the Avengers 2.5 which could be expected given the cast XXL, where one Also find Ant-Man or Spider-Man Tom Holland. The new Spider-Man is also absent from these images, unlike Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman.

To know who Captain America or Iron Man will triumph in this struggle, knowing the outcome of their impressive three-fight with Bucky, find out if any of the Avengers will die or simply enter Phase 3 Marvel appointment in just over five months in theaters, with this new opus directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

With such a successful generic than imagined by fans?

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