Saturday, November 14, 2015

Attacks in Paris: “apocalyptic scene” at the Bataclan, transformed into “Hell” – L’Express

“Hell”, a “nightmare”, a “scene of carnage”. The testimonies are increasing in the wake of the attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, which has suffered the highest death toll in the context of simultaneous attacks in Paris on November 13.

According to the latest reports, at least 82 people were killed in the establishment, during a concert of an American heavy metal band, Eagles of Death Metal.

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“It was hell”

“I was at the concert with my sister, friends. It was installed upstairs in the stands. It was perhaps an hour until the concert of Eagles of Death Metal began, we heard gunfire downstairs in the den. At first we thought it was part of the show but we soon realized, “said Pierre Janaszak, 35, radio host.

“We could hear screaming, everyone was trying to flee, people trampled … It was hell” relate other witnesses present on the spot. Believing also initially to “or pyrotechnic stage effects,” tell two friends have seen “the crowd massed in front of the stage.” “So we tried to go through the lodges that were blocked, they detail. So, we went in the bathroom, the ceiling was smashed and took refuge in the false ceiling with twenty other people “.

Meanwhile, Julian Pearce, a journalist on Europe 1, said being able to hide in the back of the stage. “We fled with about ten people in a small room at the rear of the stage, which unfortunately led to nothing so we were trapped. We closed this room, but you can still hear the screams of the other side, “said the journalist, who tells the radio enjoying a quiet moment again for crossing the room to go out into the street Charonne, which is also held an” apocalyptic scene “.

“Mr. All-the-world with a Kalashnikov”

The journalist told Europe 1 have seen at least two shooters, he was able to draw a quick portrait. “I could see he was very young, about twenty years. He was dressed in black and wore a light beard and a kind of cap on his head” Pearce said Julien. Another witness present at the Bataclan with his brother says he saw one of the shooters “five meters”. “We came face to type and he has not shot at us.” What did he look like? “A man in the street with a Kalashnikov-world” tells the man.

In all, four assailants entered the compound Bataclan, taking several minutes to those present and those completing the ground. “I saw the bodies being pierced by bullets” says reporter of Europe 1. “I did not hear any claim,” says the journalist on the radio, while another witness reported hearing the gunmen shouting “Allah Akbar” “God is greatest”, the microphone of France Info. “They shot right into the crowd shouting ‘allahu akbar’ with shotguns I think,” says Louis, told reporters France Info. When we left, we climbed over the bodies, you understand, it’s a nightmare. “

explosive belt

Daniel Psenny, a journalist World , has in turn been shot while trying to rescue the wounded outside the concert hall. “With another man I have not seen afterwards, he was fired for shelter in the lobby. I had to take the ball at that time. I do not know, I have a lack, reports the journalist in World . But I remember I felt like a firecracker exploding in my left arm, and I saw that it was pissing blood. I think the shooter was at the Bataclan window “.

For nearly three hours, the four attackers took hostage of spectators Bataclan. By the time the police have given the assault, the four killers are given death. Among them, three were detonated by activating their explosive belt. A source close to the investigation said that the fourth would have been hit by police before exploding in falling. On Saturday morning, the area remained closed. Only allowed in the perimeter, local residents, accompanied by a policeman. In front of the Bataclan, three police trucks completely block the view.


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