Friday, November 13, 2015

Laurent Goumarre up his appointment on the radio – The World

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Lawrence Goumarre, August 31, at the House of radio.

Present on France Inter to 21 hours, the reporter could sell the presentation of “Free entry” on France 5 to Claire Chazal.

Laurent Goumarre likes to complicate things. After six years giving “RenDez-You” at 19 hours on France Culture is now on France Inter to 21 hours that invites guests. But his “New Appointment” has very little to do with the previous one. “Two hours instead of fifty minutes, that’s another story. I had the impression that the machine was working fine, however I wanted to rush things, “ says this former teacher turned-cultural journalism and came to the radio in the late 1990s.


There are sixteen, it was Laure Adler, then director of France Culture, he had offered his services for a program dedicated to dance. This year’s Laurence Bloch, director of France Inter, he contacted, when he learned that Pascale Clark freed the portion of the evening. But no way to take back the clothes that are going to interview him so well. It is host …


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