Saturday, November 21, 2015

Largo Winch, 25 and a new writer – Le Figaro

The famous “blue billionaire jeans” celebrates its quarter century and is back on November 20 for new adventures, the last signed Jean Van Hamme.

Largo Winch hero who brought economic globalization in the comics, is 25 and return on November 20 in Books for a final book by Jean Van Hamme .

However, this 20th album titled 20 seconds will not be the last, told AFP the designer of the series, Philippe Francq.

“Custodian of the Largo future “, the Belgian artist, aged 53, has already chosen one who will have the difficult task of succeeding Jean Van Hamme, 76, creator of Largo Winch but also series XIII and Thorgal , writer of some Blake and Mortimer or the series Lady S .

“My choice fell on a person with all the qualities to carry the torch after Jean” says Philippe Francq. The elected is the former journalist and novelist Eric Giacometti. Former head of department at the newspaper Le Parisien in the society and economy sections, it is now mostly known as the author of the series of thrillers Antoine Marcas , a commissioner Freemason police investigating in the middle of secret societies.

Philippe Francq Why did he not taken over the show? “Working alone is névrosant,” he replies. Sole command, “I tend to rewrite the script every three months,” he adds with a smile.

Jean Van Hamme, who decided to stop writing the adventures of billionaire, had “elegance and intelligence” to finish the 20th album of Largo leaving open several tracks, appreciates the series editor, José-Louis Bocquet.

The next album, the first without Jean Van Hamme, will be called The morning star . No date has yet been set for its release. “I like to tweak things, take the time it takes to make them,” says Philippe Francq.


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