Monday, November 16, 2015

Last night on TV: On the road to Madison you liked? We recommend … – Screenrush

Last night on TV: On the road to Madison you liked? We recommend …

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In additional films aired on TV, writing Allociné helps you complete your cinephile by recommending three other films. This week, “The Bridges of Madison” Clint Eastwood.

Last night was broadcast on Arte On the drive from Madison Clint Eastwood. You have loved ? Then discover without further delay our three recommendations of films that should please you as much

Another female portrait by Clint Eastwood. Million Dollar Baby. “Not at the same level as Mystic River, his previous film, but still devilishly effective and moving (its second part). In the skin of a talented boxer, Hilary Swank has trained hard to be credible and has more than earned his Oscar “ Lawrence Schenck

Million Dollar Baby Trailer Another major performance of Meryl Streep. The Deer hell. . “It’s hard to put into words when it’s all about sensations But The Deer Hunter is, as its title suggests, a true cinematic Long journey but never vain, that Deer Hunter. – VO – stands out as a poignant and haunting fresco, carried by actors who truly mesmerize the screen. Cimino film’s strength lies in this capacity he has to combine the intimate (opening marriage) and the epic . Dotted with some unforgettable scenes (hunting deer, Russian roulette, among others), The Deer Hunter is a mythical film. “ Matilda DegorceVoyage after Hell Trailer A love story in the same line: Titanic. “Is it really necessary to recall that James Cameron’s masterpiece is one of the 10 best films in the history of the Seventh Art A Hollywood film monument where the romance – the love story between DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – and aesthetics – the meticulous reconstruction of the decorations – blend beautifully with the mastery of the action -. this bravura that is itself the sinking of the ship “ Who Guillaume MartinMerci ? Emissions Bonus


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