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The Eagles of Death Metal, for the love of rock – L’Express

Friday, November 13, they are mounted on the stage of Bataclan for the first of two shows that they had to give in France, on the occasion of the release their new album, Zipper Down . Terrorists stormed in full concert. While fans set up a Campaign for the album and the single Save A Prayer (“Keep a prayer”, taken from Duran Duran) are number one sales, and he posted this on November 18 its first official message since the events, The returns to the Eagles of Death Metal (EODM), the American group that escaped the massacre.

Love message after the attacks

This Wednesday, November 18, the Eagles of Death Metal spoke officially for the first time since the attacks on their Facebook page: “While we are sound, with us, we are horrified and still trying to understand what happened in France Above all, our thoughts and our hearts go to our brother Nick Alexander, of our housemates. Thomas drive Ayad, Marie Mosser and Manu Perez, to all friends and fans whose lives were cut short in Paris, and their families. Although united in grief with the victims, fans, families, Parisians and all those affected by terrorism, we are proud to stand together with our new family, are now united in the common goal that love and compassion. We wish to thank the French police, the FBI, ministries the French and American interior, and especially those who were with us that night and have done their best after this unthinkable act. This proves once again that love trumps evil. All planned concerts are suspended for now. “And finally, in the French text,” Long live music, live freedom, long live France, and lively EODM “.

What kind of music?

No, they do not play death metal. Neither the metal elsewhere. But the rock between garage and blues. The theme their favorite music love (to do so, especially), with many irony . For example, the song Wannabe in LA , released in 2009: “I came to LA [Los Angeles] to be rock ‘n’ roll / I had to sell my soul the way / I got good friends that make me say / I want really be in LA “Jesse Hughes explained then 20 Minutes that” Hollywood is ironic. We are not living, we’re working on. Everyone going for glory. And as everyone seeks his own interest, is not there that binds sincere friendships. “

The group does not hesitate to play around the same hearts when they arrived on the scene. ..

Who are they?

The official members are Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme who founded the EODM in 1998 in California. However, many musicians (and friends) regularly join the duo. In reality, Josh Homme -accaparé its many projects and groups, including Queens of the Stone Age- appears above while writing and recording albums. Besides, he was not at the Bataclan November 13.

Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme have known since childhood. The story wants the first has defended the second at school, harassed by other students. They have the image of bon vivants grinning.

Jesse Hughes, lover armed

Jesse Hughes boasts all the attributes of the snapshot of the American rocker: boots, tattoos (one pigeon defecating in “tribute” to Axl Rose, who treated group “Pigeons of Shit Metal”), jeans, sunglasses, cigarettes, etc. He is known for his humor, his self-deprecating, his side “enjoy life” and especially its contradictions . Advocating love (“If you want the girls to be nice to you, you must first be kind to them,” he told NME ), it is however a strong defender of the right to bear arms. He has long engaged in healthy activities -vélo, walking, Yoga-, gold has never hidden regularly abuse drugs and alcohol. He was ordained priest or is nicknamed the Devil (The Devil). He says conservative (“I wanted to be a Republican politician, but I’m conservative” in an interview), but remarried with a former porn actress, Tuesday Cross.

It appears under several nicknames solo albums and his friends (Josh Homme, Dave Grohl …): Boots Electric Fabulous Weapon (these two refer to groups that included the own father), The Devil, Father Badass.

Josh Homme, the man of a thousand projects

Josh Homme was born in 1973. He is one of the characters most important of the current Californian rock landscape. He plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and sings. In 1987, he founded Kyuss, a punk rock band became cult. In 1995, the separation. He then founded Gamma Ray, which becomes Queens of the Stone Age (alternative rock, hard rock) in 1997. Success is with go, thanks to titles like No One Knows or Go With The Flow . With his childhood friend Jesse Hughes he founded Eagles of Death Metal in 1998. In 2009, always in parallel, it launched the “supergroup” Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters Nirvana). One of the “trademarks” of Josh Homme is that members of his projects vary agendas and friends. Dave Grohl and regularly appears on stage with one of these groups. And, apart Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme does not participate in tours of all groups.

History to add a little to his busy schedule, he launched in 1997. The Desert Sessions. The principle? Musicians get together to play and record an album in a few hours. Not forgetting his collaborations (participation, writer, producer, etc.) with other artists such as PJ Harvey, Trent Reznor, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys …

Like his friend Jesse Hughes, he advocates the right to bear arms. It is positioned as “politically conservative” and “socially very liberal.” Accused of homophobia after dealing a spectator to “fagot” (“fag”), he replied: “For a long time, I know that being gay is not a choice, that skin color does not determine the level of intelligence, or having red hair does not mean that is the black sheep of the family. It is not about words but their intention. I never said or suggested that being gay was wrong, but apparently -and given the ire of bloggers after I shot composure, you think. ”

Side heart, he is married to rock singer Brody Dalle.

Among his nicknames: Carlo von Sexron, Baby Duck, J. Ho, Joe’s Hoe, Ginger Elvis.

How many albums

4: Zipper Down in 2015, Heart On in 2009 , Death By Sexy in 2006 Peace Love Death Metal in 2004.

Group 4 songs

The group 1 citation

“I like people. And I believe in the human being. Even if it’s hard in Hollywood. You just have to Remember that this is not because you are surrounded by idiots dirty the whole world is that of idiots dirty. ” Jesse Hughes 20 Minutes .

The controversy Tel Aviv

Just after the attacks of 13 November, an Israeli media, Ynet, said “the land in return promised the group.” A somewhat exaggerated way: not that the Eagles have specific ties to the country, they just had a concert scheduled in Tel Aviv in the summer of 2016. A date which has not been canceled, nor confirmed by Times of Israel .


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