Saturday, February 28, 2015

“Game of Thrones”: a first poster and two teasers for season 5 – MetroNews

After nearly a year of waiting, there are only six weeks to wait before the return of Game of Thrones on the small screen on April 12 in the US, and 13 in France. And to reward fans for waiting so long HBO has decided to reveal some small information through a poster and two small teasers.

In particular learns more about the destiny of Tyrion . After killing his father, the dwarf is on the run and has obviously decided to take off on a ship, to an unknown destination viewers. Unknown or almost since, on the image, awards clearly a dragon. The youngest of Lannister would he decided to go in search of Daenerys

Jon, Brienne and Podrick , present in Season 5

The two teasers released by the American chain also deliver valuable information. As we see Brienne and Podrick in one, and Jon Snow along with Mance Ryder in the other, we doubt that these characters should be crucial in the coming episodes.

Still a little patience Season 5 Game of Thrones , is very soon.


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