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Television: Pascal Brunner died of cancer at the age of 51 – Le Parisien

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The former host of “Fa if singing” Pascal Brunner, a musical program of France 3, is died Thursday at Nice Archet Hospital, will we learned from writing the string.

The leader, aged 51, suffering from tongue cancer and throat.

He died around 17 hours in the hospital, is it the same source. It is the leader Julien Lepers, his friend, who warned of writing, is it added.

In October 2012, he had testified in a book “Glory, galley, cancer, I pays the bill “of his descent into hell and his fight against cancer that eventually lost. In 2010, while preparing a musical at the theater initulé Brunner’s case that he had suddenly disappeared from the scene after learning he was struck by a throat cancer. He told his operation and hope because his vocal cords were not affected to resume his job.

His real name Pascale Francis, he grew up in Sarcelles (Val d’Oise) its hometown, where he caught the virus by winning song at the age of seven first radio talent and provide a light disk of a Thierry Le Luron show at the Olympia. This will be the reference for him to follow. “It was he who gave its pedigree in imitation,” he would say years later.

Discovered by Guy Lux

After a teenager in Picardy in Saint-Quentin (Aisne) where his parents had opened a bazaar will begin his career in 1983 when a regional imitation contest opened the doors of a local radio program which will give him the boost to get started in a cafe theater show in Paris rue des Ternes. There will moderate the evening the restaurant Nostalgie show, so named because of the presence of many artists from the Sixties try their return.

Moderator then the Clud Med is Guy Lux who first recognized his talent and sends participate in 1989 on France 3 in The Class, which then showed Fabrizio. It was at that moment that he chose the pseudonym Brunner, in homage to the bald Yul Brynner, because he himself had no hair at birth.

1991, he became a columnist on France Inter in “Nothing to wax” alongside Laurent Ruquier and it is found in 1995 on Europe 1 with his own show “Brunner raw” before then integrate RTL The Big Heads.

VIDEO. Excerpt from “The Singing If Fa

5 million viewers

But it is especially television, which will bring him public favor. In 1993, France 3 called on him to lead the entertainment Yakapa the weekend before handing him the game “if the Fa sings” r, to succeed the class. A success that he will share nightly from October 1994 to June 1998 with an average of about five million viewers and for special evenings in prime time will be worth it to receive in 1997 the Seven Gold the best entertainment show.

The wheel will turn, however, for him on television. Hired by TF1 he hosted for six months before A Golden Family to fail in prime time with Cheri Cheri entertainment that audiences have never taken off. It not be happier returning to France 3, where the new version of F if the fault stop singing still there sufficient hearing after less than a year.

In the 2000s, his career then turned to the stage. In plays including “A woman too”, a play in which he plays the famous Lieutenant Columbo and musical shows himself as he writes, “And now,” a tribute to Gilbert Becaud or “One for All “devoted to French songs from 1960 to 2000 and came up with the team of” Fa if the singing. ” A team that after three years of medical care, he prepared his return by working on a three-month tour which was to begin in June

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