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Yemen: Fabius called the French to leave the country after … – Les Echos

Yemen has been described as “extremely dangerous country” by Laurent Fabius. All services are “mobilized” to free the French girl kidnapped Tuesday in Sanaa


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A country “extremely dangerous,” this is how Laurent Fabius called Yemen Wednesday. Foreign Minister reiterated the call to French nationals to leave the country, following the kidnapping of a young French in Sana’a.

“There is a number of French (Yemen). We can not force them to leave, but I repeat the evacuation order that had given it two weeks ago, “Mr Fabius said on France Info radio.

“This is an extremely dangerous country,” he said.

Shia Houthis Militiamen

The capital of Yemen is currently controlled by Houthis Shiite militiamen. In early February, France and other Western countries closed their embassies, and Paris had called his hundred citizens to leave Yemen. President Abd-Rabbou Mansour Hadi was forced to resign in January, before taking refuge in Aden.

A young French woman, Isabelle Prime, employee of a US consulting firm, was kidnapped Tuesday in Sanaa, along with a Yemeni. “All services are mobilized” for his release, Mr Fabius said, adding that the young woman had been kidnapped at a checkpoint in Sanaa, but the identity of the kidnappers was not yet known.

The family of the kidnapped interpreter seeks tribal leaders

The family of Yemeni accompanying the French removed Tuesday in Sanaa said on Wednesday it had sought the intervention of tribal leaders, the Ministry of the Interior and Houthi Shiite militiamen for the release of the two women.

The identity of the kidnappers of the Yemeni and French, Isabelle Prime, employee of a US consulting firm, is not yet known.

“We contacted various tribal leaders (in the capital) Sanaa, in the provinces of Jawf (north) and Marib (center) to ensure their cooperation for the release of the two women, “Yassin told AFP Makkaoui, uncle of the accompanist, a performer named Chérine Makkaoui.

“We have also contacted the same purpose, the Ministry of Interior and the Houthis,” these militias who control much of Sanaa since last September, a-t- he added.

Sources AFP, Reuters

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