Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jean-Jacques Annaud, seven years in Mongolia – lalibre.be


By adapting “Wolf Totem” by Chinese writer Jiang Rong, Jean-Jacques Annaud is a priori on familiar ground: after “The Bear” (1988) and “The Two Brothers” (2004) – tigers – “The Last Wolf” seem to form a trilogy. Except that if homecoming there, but rather, he said, his iconic “Name of the Rose” (1986). Which, he reveals, was autobiographical resonances.

You set yourself a challenge before choosing a project?

Since I started in advertising, I specialized in complex projects. I’m like a mountain climber: When you have defeated the south side, you dream that cross the north face. It is the search of adrenaline. On a first film, we give one hundred percent of yourself. After, avoid routine. When I was a film student, I attended a Vincente Minnelli conference at the French Cinematheque. And he described his life as incredibly boring. I found it horrible. Hitchcock once told me much the same thing by warning me: “Do not like me, do not all the time the same.” It’s terrible to hear that.

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