Friday, February 27, 2015

Brunner: “It was very elegant on stage,” said Julien Lepers – The Point

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice

“A thought for my friend Pascal Brunner who left us, Christian Estrosi posted on social networks. He was an amazing, a very good friend.”

Laurent Ruquier, host and producer

“Someone very, very, very nice all, this is what we could tell. Very, very, very friendly. Someone one that had a very simple environment. Someone who had a desire to absolutely incredible success he has had. When we started together, it really was the best of times. He told j have done this job for the public, to the point, I can tell you, when we were leaving on tour at the time, he never stopped. That is to say that once the microphone was off, it was not will I stop being imitator. We went to the restaurant, it was still his show for all guests of the restaurant, it was even drunk, I can tell you, but at the same time, it was of such generosity. That is to say that there were 15 people in the restaurant and he remade his show for 15 people in the restaurant. So that was that, Pascal Brunner, “he told RTL Laurent Ruquier.

Julien Lepers, animator

“It all started in France 3 says Julien Lepers, Questions for a champion , FranceTV Info . Pascal knew everything: radio, television, song, theater … It was very elegant on stage. It was also a great imitator of Inspector Columbo particular. “

Laurent Cabrol, weather presenter

” He enchanted Europe 1. Pascal Brunner, a true friend as I love, fun, warm, generous, “tweeted the facilitator.


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