Sunday, February 22, 2015

“Birdman” share favorite Oscars a few hours of sunrise … – The Obs

Hollywood (USA) (AFP) – The suspense was at its height in Hollywood Sunday a few hours before the beginning of the 87th Academy Awards, “Birdman” Alejandro Inarritu of Mexico, leaving favorite, closely followed by ” Boyhood. “

” Birdman “black comedy about an ex-player superhero movie that wants to revive the glory of the theater, widened his lead over” Boyhood “by Richard Linklater in triumphant Saturday at Spirit Awards, which recognize independent cinema.

The film is nominated in nine categories of the Oscars, as “The Grand Budapest Hotel” zany comedy and outdated Wes Anderson.

“Boyhood”, the only film shot over 12 years on a small boy growing up in a family torn apart, is named in six categories, such as “American Sniper” by Clint Eastwood.

“Whiplash “” Imitation Game “,” Selma “and” A wonderful story time “are also in the race for the golden statuette for best film but have little chance of winning according to forecasters.

Last year, it’s “Twelve years a slave,” distressing work on slavery, which had unhooked.

The vote Academy Awards, the most prestigious of American cinema, is closed since Tuesday and two partners from the consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper finalized Friday count, they keep secret and protected by armed guards

-. Rain and politics –

The 87th Academy Awards evening will begin at 17.30 (1:30 GMT), presented by the actor-singer-dancer-magician Neil Patrick Harris.

The whimsical Lady Gaga to sing during the ceremony. Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Murphy, Sienna Miller, David Oyelowo, Chris Pratt, John Travolta, among others, are expected on stage to present awards.

noon to protest could disrupt somewhat the arrival of stars . It intends to protest against a lack of representation of members of the Academy and the lack of diversity in the selection of the Oscars this year, which kept no actor or actress of color, the year contributes “Selma” film about Martin Luther King.

The red carpet was ready to host a parade of stars before the Dolby Theatre.

The protective tents were pitched while it was raining in Los Angeles . Last year, the organizers had hoped until the last moment that the sun would be the game but the stars had to wander soaked carpet.

Among the actors, Briton Eddie Redmayne, who plays the paralyzed cosmologist Stephen Hawking in “A wonderful History of Time,” is expected to win face including Benedict Cumberbatch (“Imitation Game”), Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper”) and Michael Keaton (“Birdman”), the latter having won Spirit and a Golden Globe.

Side actresses Julianne Moore big favorite part to its interpretation of a patient with Alzheimer in “Still Alice”. She has already won it all since the beginning of the film awards season: Golden Globe, Spirit, prices of Hollywood actors (SAG), price of British cinema (BAFTA), etc.

It rivals. notably with Reese Witherspoon (“Wild”) and “Frenchie” Marion Cotillard, nominated for “Two days, one night.” Both have already won an Oscar and seem unlikely to repeat the feat this time.

For the second best roles, Patricia Arquette, mother courage “Boyhood” and JK Simmons, terrifying music teacher in “Whiplash” are given winners and have also won everything since the beginning of the season award in Hollywood.

The French composer Alexandre Desplat was nominated for the award for the best soundtrack with both “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Imitation Game”, but could be steal the statue by Johann Johannsson (“Amazing History of Time”).

The film Franco Mauritanian “Timbuktu”, which triumphed at Caesar Friday hoping to win the award for best foreign film, but the Polish “Ida” competed well in the lead.

On Saturday, the Razzie Awards, which mimic the Oscars by rewarding the worst films of the year, have (dis) honored the screwball comedy “Saving Christmas” Kirk Cameron and actress Cameron Diaz determined to be disastrous performances in “Triple Alliance” and “Sex tape.”


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