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Agreement on the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line in the east … – The World

Kiev and pro-Russian separatist rebels of the East have signed agreements to begin the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, announced a senior Ukrainian military official. “The documents were signed,” , said General Oleksandr Rozmaznine.

If by some media, the withdrawal of troops could begin on Sunday, Mr Rozmaznine has held that it was too early to tell. The process will take two weeks, announced his side a rebellious senior officer was quoted by the Interfax news agency. “The plan was signed yesterday [Saturday night] (…) From today, we have two weeks to withdraw heavy weapons,” said Edouard Bassourine, according to comments reported by Interfax.

After the pro-Russian rebel and loyalist army conducted massive prisoner exchange in the separatist East Saturday, this is another step taken in the implementation of agreements Minsk 2 which provide for the withdrawal of heavy weapons from a distance of 50 km to 70 km or more on both sides of the line, not 30 km as stipulated in the previous agreement. The OSCE has a mandate to ensure that provision, satellite and drone

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A total of 139 Ukrainian soldiers and 52 rebel fighters were able to join their respective camps, according to a journalist from Agence France Press this in the village of Jolobok on the front line in the Luhansk region, where the exchange took place. Some of these soldiers were wounded, others hardly moved. They had to walk several kilometers in a country hit by gunfire to reach the place of rendezvous.

This is the largest exchange of captives in 2015. According to the peace agreement, signed on February 12 in the Belarusian capital, belligerents are required to release “all prisoners and hostages “ retained since the conflict began in April

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Debaltsevo, LA POUDRIÈRE

In addition, the separatists said that several people had been captured Debaltsevo. Approximately 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers had managed on Wednesday to extricate this strategic bolt, virtually surrounded and subjected to daily bombings rebels last month

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Twenty soldiers died during the retreat. While the battle was 179 casualties loyalist forces, according to Yury Biryukov, a close adviser to President Petro Poroshenko. He added that 81 soldiers were still missing.

Continued fighting, particularly in this locality, has angered Washington, which has accused the rebels of “violated ( …) more than 250 times “ the truce. US authorities announced on Saturday consider “serious” sanctions against Russia, accused of supporting the separatists.

Despite the signing of Minsk 2 agreements providing for the establishment of a ceasefire -Fire from February 15, the rebels continued their offensive around Debaltsevo, the decision allows them to connect the two “capitals” separatist Donetsk and Luhansk. The separatists accuse their Kiev next to violate the truce.


Many Ukrainians celebrate, Saturday and Sunday, the first anniversary of the Maidan, pro-European revolution that led to the departure of President pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych. This event was the catalyst for the conflict in the country.

On Sunday morning, several European leaders, including European Council President Donald Tusk and German President Joachim Gauck, are expected in Kiev to participate in a “march of dignity” .

In turn, Yanukovych, now a refugee in Russia, promised to “return” to “relieve life in Ukraine” , in an interview broadcast Saturday on Russian television. In Moscow, about 35,000 protesters attended a rally Saturday in “anti-Maidan” , according to the Moscow police

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