Sunday, February 22, 2015

ZAD, police violence: tense events in Nantes and … – The Obs

Nantes (AFP) – Twenty people were arrested on the fringes of two events that took place on Saturday in Nantes and Toulouse, against police violence and for “defending zones” (ZAD) and who been marked by clashes with police and degradations

The event Nantes gathered a thousand people.; that of Toulouse nearly 500 people, police said.

In Toulouse, no less than 17 demonstrators were arrested, mostly thugs, and 10 in Nantes, before the events in the two cities will disperse to 18:00.

In Nantes, protesters marched behind a banner “Against police violence, social, economic strength …” Saturday from 14:00.

Tension rose a notch just before 16:00 when masked demonstrators threw stones at police, who responded with water cannons to try to disperse them, according to an AFP photographer.

In total, according to police, 15 police officers were injured during the demonstration and two demonstrators. Damage has been reported in the city, including the destroyed bus shelter, deteriorated roads and burned garbage.

The event was organized a year after the protest of 22 February 2014 against the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes, which brought together 20,000 to 50,000 people in Nantes, according to sources. Violent clashes had so many injuries, including three demonstrators who had lost an eye after soft bullets Flashball type or LBD40.

In Toulouse, a support event to “defend areas “(ZAD) took place at the same time against” intensive agriculture and the world of concreters “

Again, the situation escalated from 16:00. the security forces responded to paint jets demonstrators with tear gas, while the rioters began to crack.

At least two windows were completely destroyed. Dozens of impacts masses or peaks were identified by an AFP journalist on windows from banks, real estate agencies, clothing stores or home improvement.

The author of the destruction of the window of a shoe store was arrested in possession of several hammers and chisel, police said.

The rioters were “fifty masked against tear, they intended to break with the masses, hammers, wheels, “said Vice President of shopkeepers where were these degradations, Laurent Lopez, who saw his star showcase a sledgehammer.

“There are quite a ras-le-bol, we have already had four amputees by events on Saturdays Sivens in November, the prefect must take responsibility, say stop on events “he told AFP.

The protesters, many wearing masks, had deployed in procession head a black banner with white letters, in memory of the young environmentalist Rémi Fraisse killed by a defensive grenade Gendarmerie on the project website disputed dam Sivens (Tarn) October 26, 2014

On another banner, a warning. “There is no Planet B: ZAD everywhere. ” The protesters also chanted slogans like “Everyone hates the police,” “Cop killers.”

The following were few visible flags NPA (far left), co-organizer of the event. Dozens of young people were disguised as clowns, some others were disguised as plant.

Toulouse and Nantes, the device of the security forces was particularly important, previous similar events having resulted in numerous clashes and damage in both cities.

The protesters dispersed in Nantes as in Toulouse, around 18:00.


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