Sunday, February 22, 2015

LIVE / LIVE. Oscars 2015: Neil Patrick Harris Launches … – Le Point

Who Birdman or Boyhood , the bookmakers favorites, triumph? Does the French Marion Cotillard and Alexandre Desplat (nominated twice) have a chance? The master of ceremony Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother ) can he do better Ellen DeGeneres, who last year took the most retweeted Selfie the world? If award for American Sniper , Clint Eastwood he will talk to an empty chair as he did during the Republican convention in 2012? These questions will be answered during the 87th Academy Awards, which take place tonight at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. In France, the ceremony is to follow on TV on Canal + and for comments on Last year, the ceremony was followed by 43 million viewers, a record for an entertainment program for ten years.

2:30 : Neil Patrick Harris gives the kickoff of the ceremony through a frenzied musical number, assisted by Anna Kendrick and Jack Black

2:28 : Scarlett Johansson claims to have “one foot in the US and one in France.” The effect Lucy or effect of marriage

2:27 : Reese Witherspoon would like, on the red carpet, reporters ask him fewer questions sexist on her makeup or her dress and be more creative. No doubt she was never interviewed by our national Laurent Weil, the man who asked Daft Punk to remove their helmets …

2:22 : Benedict Cumberbatch he succeed exploits the same as last year

2:15: For Edward Norton, extraordinary in Birdman, “Fellini and Inarritu are from the same cloth “

2:09 :” The great Lego adventure “is (unfortunately) not present tonight, for lack of nominations. But John Travolta advocate for toys resembling more a Playmobil

2:08 . Appointed to the title of best director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu joked, “Always a Mexican director Oscar!”

2:05 The team of ‘American Sniper arrives late Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The film will reap many Oscars he won controversy?

Read our analysis – & gt; The sniper who condones America

1:57 : Scarlett Johansson is not named but still illuminates the red carpet


1:50 : The young Eddie Redmayne he beat veteran Michael Keaton? It is another big favorite at Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking. “It took me some time to let this role,” he told the micro Canal +

1:40 : No free pass for George Clooney

1:30 : big favorite for the Oscar for best actor, Michael Keaton answered questions Canal +. “Sit down, relax and enjoy the movie,” he advises French spectators will discover Birdman starting Wednesday in our rooms.

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1:20 : Marion Cotillard, surprise guest of this selection with his nomination for Two Days, One Night the Dardenne brothers. “My appointment is that of the film in reality,” she said.


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