Saturday, December 26, 2015

“Star Wars 7″ Will it dethrone “Avatar” and become the biggest hit of all time? – MetroNews

By raising the saga Star Wars , Disney studios have struck a blow. Despite the many concerns of the original fans of the saga, the 7th component is a success. Proof? The dark rooms are never empty since the film’s release, December 16 in France and 18 throughout the rest of the world.

The Force Wake , directed by JJ Abrams with a budget of $ 200 million, should exceed a billion dollars in revenue worldwide by Sunday evening. This at least is what the experts think who feel that the spectators will enjoy the next Christmas weekend to go to the movies. Thursday evening, six days after its worldwide release, the movie totaled already more $ 800 million in revenue.

Beware, Avatar!

This summer, Jurassic World had already won a great success but it was pulverized by Star Wars , which is now attacking another blockbuster: Avatar James Cameron, released in 2009. Since 25 January 2010, is a film that holds the as the biggest success worldwide box office (excluding inflation) , with nearly $ 2.8 billion in revenue.

Of course, for this, the film JJ Abrams will have to continue to fill the rooms worldwide, but with nearly a billion dollars in revenue in 10 days, it does not seem impossible. Between the winter holiday that will allow time for fans still made it to the movies, and entries that will be generated in China from January 9 (date of the release of Star Wars 7 for this country) , The Force Wake still has a bright future ahead of him to dethrone Avatar.

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