Thursday, December 24, 2015

Louane, kendji and Adele, the 3 biggest sellers discs France – Le Point

Louane, the star of the movie The Aries Family , the little prince of the “gipsy pop” kendji and British diva Adele dominated record sales in 2015, according to the established ranking Thursday the specialized site The first album Louane Emera, Room 12 , released in March, is the best selling of the year with some 700,000 copies sold, according to the site, based on figures from GFK cabinet of physical sales (CD, vinyl) and digital arrested on December 17. The singer 19 years, which also received in 2015 the Cesar for Most Promising Actress for her role in The Aries Family , started in early November the first tour of his career.

kendji girac, as revealed by the Louane talent show The Voice , place to share his two albums in the top 10 sales of the year, his first album, kendji , published in 2014, has sold 550,000 copies in 2015 (1.1 million since its release) while the second, Together published this fall, for the moment seduced nearly 350,000 buyers, according A total of nearly 900,000 records this year for the gypsy singer of 19 years. Adele, only foreign artist in the top 10, for its part already sold more than 560,000 copies of his third album, 25 , published in late November. 25 is also the best selling album in the US since … the last disc of the Londoner, released in 2011 and up to 30 million copies worldwide.

30 albums over the 100 000

Behind this trio arrived Christine and The Queens with her debut album Warmth (380 000 units in 2015, 540,000 since its release in spring 2014). It precedes Francis Cabrel (360,000 copies), rapper Master Gims (340,000 copies), Calogero (290,000 copies), the annual Enfoirés album (280,000 copies) and the last disc of Johnny Hallyday (255,000 copies) . A ranking yet may change slightly depending on the ultimate Christmas shopping.

According, “thirty albums only pass the threshold of 100 000 copies sold” in 2015. The Belgian Stromae, number one on the charts in 2013 and 2014, is this year further away, but his hit album Square root has yet elapsed to “nearly 100,000″ copies (almost 2 million in France since its release in August 2013).


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