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Lemmy, Motörhead founder, enthusiast playing hard and fast – The World

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In the summer of 2013, the announcement of the postponement of a Motörhead tour due to health problems of his bassist and singer Lemmy had left stunned fans British heavy metal trio founded in 1975. Lemmy, as his fans were accustomed to call, sick and forced to rest, it seemed impossible for anyone who saw him as an indestructible despite daily life accumulating since decades a strong alcohol consumption – especially whiskey – and the most various drugs, LSD, amphetamines and cocaine, but “never heroin,” he insisted .

On stages around the world, Lemmy had at heart, night after night, to lead to further the power of his group. Suffering from cancer, had been announced to him Saturday, December 26, two days after the anniversary of 70 years, Lemmy died Monday, December 28, at his home in Los Angeles, announced a short message broadcast on Tuesday 29 the group’s Facebook page, without elaborating on the nature of this withering cancer. The best way to honor him, the statement added, will be to listen to music from “Motorhead blaring, blaring of Hawkwind, Lemmy FULL VOLUME. And a few drinks. “

From group to group

Born December 24, 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Ian Fraser Kilmister was the son of a chaplain of the Royal Air Force, left shortly after his birth. He was raised by his grandmother and his mother, who remarried later. The family settled in Wales. Set board, there he is nicknamed Lemmy. At 17, he began working, hand in Stockport, just south of Manchester, played guitar in various bands in the early 1960s Party live in London in 1967, it will be a while roadie (for materiel musicians on tour) for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Move. He moves from group to group, whose psychedelic rock formations Sam Gopal’s Dream, and Opal Butterfly, which include plays Simon King drummer.

In autumn 1971 he joined, soon followed by Simon King, the British group Hawkwind space-rock, led by guitarist and saxophonist Dave Brock Nik Turner, whose recently released album In Search of Space . The training blends with psychedelic hard rock elements and begins to be noticed for visual effects and long improvised parts at his concerts. With Hawkwind, Lemmy starts bass. Rather, it plays like a rhythm guitarist, with tone controls that highlight a serious sound, very present, the volume pushed to the maximum amplification. He is also the singer on some compositions training, hoarse, growling voice. All of which will be developed within Motörhead.

  • Video clip of “Silver Machine” (1972) by Hawkwind, with Lemmy on bass and vocals.

Drug abuse

Hawkwind Lemmy will stay with until the summer of 1975 during a period often as age Group of gold, with the albums Doremi Fasol Latido (1972), The Hall of Mountain Grill (1974) and Warrior on The Edge of Time (1975) and the famous hallucinated concerts including account make the disks The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London (1973) and The 1999 Party (recorded in 1974, published in 1997). Within the group born of tensions on issues of artistic direction, the exhaustion of touring and drug abuse. Arrested in early summer 1975 for possession of amphetamines at a border crossing between Canada and the United States, Lemmy is left behind by the group, which would have taken this pretext to give her leave.

Back in London, Lemmy is determined to become the leader of his group “person who can fire me” , he said steadily. Constituted very quickly with guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox, it takes the name Motörhead, title of a song recorded with Hawkwind, facing a B-45 laps published in March 1975. The trio began recording and already the scene where they live. But success is not forthcoming. Fox goes away, replaced by drummer Phil Taylor (1954-2015). With the arrival of Eddie Clarke on guitar, instead of Wallis is made, until the early 1980s, the historical formation Motörhead. One that will know, after periods of doubts and failures, the consecration with the album Overkill (March 1979), her second studio, Bomber (October 1979) and Ace of Spades (November 1980).

  • Video clip of “Ace of Spades” (1980) by Motörhead.

Play hard and fast, with the concern that it retains a non-mechanical aspect, relaxed, this is the will of Motörhead with Lemmy. Lovers meet there the most effective rock, punk as those of hard rock. The leather jackets, long hair and sideburns imposing Lemmy attract attention, like his way of singing, looking up at a microphone perched high. He also willingly bears the military insignia of the Second World War, of which he is a collector. Interest “aesthetic” for uniforms and not for Nazi ideology as it was explained in his autobiography White Line Fever: The Autobiography ( The Fever of the white line, French translation in 2004, ed. White Truck).

From notorious tantrums

Concert Man, Lemmy knew play with his frightful image and nasty, exaggerated on purpose, which itself in the private, according to his family, showed careful politeness and good manners. This did not stop when Motörhead does not work as he wishes, poking notorious tantrums. Motörhead, Lemmy does not tolerate half measures or sagging. In 1981 appears the album recorded live No Sleep’Til Hammersmith, Game Group impeccable testimony at concerts.

  • Video clip of “Killed by Death “(1984) by Motörhead.

Eddie Clarke left the band in 1983, a time replaced by Brian Robertson, and then by Phil Campbell from 1984, still Motörhead in concert until the recent past. Changes drummers are more common until the arrival in 1993 of Mikkey Dee. The purpose and strength of Motörhead themselves remain stable (the band will play a while with two guitarists). With regularity, Motörhead recorded new albums (his discography studio into account more than twenty, including the latest, Bad Magic, released in August), preceded or followed by a long tour which in some years show up to 200 concerts. That of 2016 was due to begin January 23 in Newcastle, England.

  • Video clip of “Get Back in Line” (2010) by Motörhead.

Lemmy few dates

December 24, 1945 Born in Stoke-on -Trent, England

1960 Guitarist in various bands

1971 Summer end of 1975 Hawkwind bassist and singer

1975 form the trio Motorhead, still active in 2015

1980 Output of album “Ace of Spades”

December 28, 2015 Death in Los Angeles, died of cancer diagnosed two days earlier


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