Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sextoys, lightsaber waxing, “I’m The Mayor” … When “Star Wars” goes too far – The Obs

$ 1.5 billion. This is what is expected to generate toys labeled “Star Wars” by the end of the year, driven by the film “The Awakening of force.” The jackpot will be much more important for Disney since “Star Wars” would bring him no less than 500 million dollars!

With the release of the new film, merchandising “Star Wars” is everywhere. Toys, figurines, clothing, books … Everything is available, adapts to stick to the marketing model. Until overdose.

So that in the margins of the ultra-mastered communication Disney, some companies seized the “Star Wars” clumsily. Anthology.

# In government

The government launched the movement by diverting the codes of “Star Wars” to attract into the ranks of the National Education and French Diplomacy

# In the military

The security forces and the army followed suit. The gendarmerie has diverted displays of “Wake force” to assert that “the force is already there”

While the General Staff of the Army has him wanted to illustrate the real “awakening of force” with one of its soldiers in Mali:

Meanwhile, the eighth regiment of Marine Infantry Parachute (RPIMa ) also aims to recruit:

# A Lyon

The madness “Star Wars” seems present in Lyon. The church has tried to buzz, turning her sentence Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker, while the mayor Gérard Collomb introduced himself as the Darth Vader of the city:

Gérard Collomb was quickly imitated by supporters of MP Republicans Bruno Le Maire:

# In the supermarket

As for brands, ” Star Wars “is first found in a supermarket, in particular in the food sections. Visitors come under a lot of branded products to the extreme:

Until shopping bags at Auchan:

The clothing and home decor also see rays break the “Star Wars” items:

T-shirts and shorts in Celio

Clothing in Musterbrand

Cups and aprons at Lollil

New lamps from Philips

On the web #

Internet has also been an important vehicle for attracting wide the user-barge with “Star Wars”. Many large sites have opted for a special operation.

  • Google offers to choose between the light side and the dark side of the Force in order to receive special dressing on its various services ( e-mail, mapping, etc.).

unusual Eternals #

Finally, not surprisingly, some brands also opted for “Star Wars” for some strange communication:

ad Dorcel sex toys phosphorescent

An esthetician boasts laser hair removal

Le Fouquet’s hosts Stormtroopers

Boris Manenti


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