Friday, December 18, 2015

“Star Wars”, the second best start in 2015 in France, behind “007 Spectre” – Le Point

“Star Wars: The Force Clock” realized Wednesday the second best start of the year at the box office in France with over 600,000 entries on the day, behind the new James Bond “007 Spectre” according to CBO Box Office.

The 7th episode saga “Star Wars” directed by JJ Abrams, attracted 619,200 viewers in France in 1093 for his first full day of operation.

He realized € 4.7 million in revenue in France for this one day, said his side Disney in a statement.

However, it remains behind “007 Spectre”, released Nov. 11, holiday in France. The last mission of James Bond had made that day 850,297 entries in 902 rooms, record the number of tickets sold a first day for 15 years, according to CBO, establishing this ranking since 2001.

The film animation “The Minions” came third this year, with 596,291 entries.

The previous installment of the saga “Star Wars,” “Revenge of the Sith,” released in 2005, had slightly better than “The Force Alarm” the day of its release. He was seen May 18, 2005 by 641,799 spectators in 938 rooms, according to CBO.

According to Disney, this figure is included in previews and “The Force Awakening” would be ” starting the biggest Star Wars “saga.

Whereas ten years by fans worldwide, “The Force Revival” was the subject of an impressive marketing campaign from Disney.

US group expects several billion dollars in revenue of admissions and the sale of countless products.

In the US, where the first screenings of the film were to be held Thursday evening, “The Awakening Force “has already broken the record for tickets sold on Fandango, one of the largest ticketing sites.

According to the CNBC financial channel,” The Awakening of force “has earned 100 million dollars in revenue in pre-sales before its release in the US

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