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Star Wars: already more than $ 500 million worldwide and records for The Force Alarm clock – Screenrush

Star Wars : already more than $ 500 million worldwide and records for The Force Wake

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Sunday, December 20, 2015 – 20:30

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Not content with having raked in $ 238 million for its first US weekend, “Star Wars – The Force Alarm” reported over 500 worldwide, but is behind “Jurassic World” at this level.

In the space of three days (a little more if we take into account the previews of Thursday, December 17 at night) Star Wars – The Force has Alarm clock cumulative $ 238 million in revenue on American soil and wins as well, by far, the record for the best start of all time in the US, before Jurassic World. But it makes up for the rest of the world, where few still leads with 524.9 million greenbacks raised in five days, against 517 * for the film from JJ Abrams.

== & gt; And its players should not miss explode in Hollywood

Not enough, however, to spoil the party in the galaxy far, far away. Already because the order could be shaken after figures fit, since this is still only estimates for the new Star Wars. Then because, unlike Jurassic World at the time, the feature is not yet released in China (it will be for January 9, 2016), and it has already offered a handful of records in the United States. 7 to be precise

Visible from December 16, the day of his arrival in French theaters, Star Wars. – The Force Wake has already accumulated 279 million dollars in revenue outside of the United United, thanks to 619,200 tickets sold in France only on the day Wednesday

& gt ==. The best start in 2015?

If it takes advantage of the Christmas holidays and the absence of direct competitors in the coming weeks to maintain momentum before cartoning in China January 9, the film can even hang the title of world’s biggest success in history hitherto held by Avatar and 2.8 billion, as predicted Steven Spielberg. Or simply become the best installment in the saga box office

Green:. the best score in the world – red the lowest score in the world

To become the biggest hit of the saga in France, The Force Wake will beat the 246 605 spectators to 8 Episode IV (original release Special Edition 1977 + 1997). And do better than 5,210,963 (original release Special Edition 1983 + 1977) from Episode VI to not be the least seen. First answers in a few days will be announced when the results of the hexagonal box office.

* The figures mentioned in the article are estimates released Sunday evening by the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations and announced by the site to Box Office Mojo.

** This figure includes the original outputs and various emerged (Special Edition 1997 operating or 3D)

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