Friday, December 18, 2015

Preliminary PremièreMustang galloping towards the Oscars – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Representing France, the film Deniz Gamze Erdügen enters the final straight in order to compete in the category of best foreign film. Verdict expected in Los Angeles on January 14.

In the long obstacle course that leads to the Oscar for best foreign film, the Trophy next February 28 in Los Angeles, the first step is usually the hardest. Of 81 films in competition, the Academy retains only nine. The ax has fallen, and France, represented by Mustang , the Franco-Turkish Deniz Gamze Erdügen, has just entered the club of preselected!

The flow of Rewards rounded up by this film in recent days has made the difference. In addition to a Golden Globe nomination, Oscar anteroom (82 voters of the foreign press based in Los Angeles), Mustang has also been awarded the European Film Awards, the last weekend. The difference is …


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