Thursday, December 31, 2015

“Star Wars” George Lucas did not he just spit in the soup? – MetroNews

This is the story of a visionary genius who sold his life’s work to a multinational with long teeth … and white. And wonders if he has not made a big mistake by greed. By discovering the interview with George Lucas to the moderator Charlie Rose, some people had to swallow their coffee through. Starting with the direction of Disney, which bought Lucasfilm, the company’s director, to the tune of $ 4 billion in 2012. But as Kathleen Kennedy, producer who has taken the reins of his empire after long worked at his side including the adventures of Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford.

The father of the saga Star Wars , 71, begins by explaining why he did not take part, near or far, the design of the episode 7. “They looked at the stories I had written (for suites – ed.). And they have decided not to use them They told me ‘ we want to do something for the fans. “They decided to do their own thing. Anyway they did not really want that I get involved. If I had, I would cause them trouble. Because they were not going to do what I expect of them. And as I no longer had control, I was going to screw up. So I said ‘ok, I’m going my side and I let go of them. “

” I sold my children to white slavery “

Later, George Lucas launches into a long metaphor, comparing his decision to love and / or family breakdown. “When we separate from someone, the first rule is that you do not phone. The second rule is not to enter the car in front of his house to check on her. The third c ‘ is that you do not point you to the coffee shop where she habits, “he explains. “I speak from experience.. Every time you violated one of these rules, it reopens the wound (…) These films, these are my children, I love them I sold these white slavers who and take things .. “. Perhaps realizing the enormity of the comparison, it does not finish his sentence and laughed.

During the interview, scale, hollow, about 7 episode, written by JJ Abrams but Lawrence Kasdan, who had co-signed The empire against attack and The Return of the Jedi . “They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it,” he loose. “On each of my films, I work very hard to make them completely different, with different planets, different vessels, I want it to have fresh air.” The opportunity in passing to tackle those who tried to imitate Star Wars after the success of the first trilogy. “Everyone started to make films with spaceships and they were all horrible and they all lost tons of money,” sighs the filmmaker, which now return to a more experimental film in the vein THX 1138 , in 1971.

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