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Death of Lemmy, the leader of the legendary British band Motörhead – The Point

The leader of the British heavy metal band Motörhead, Ian “Lemmy “Kilmister, rock legend, died of cancer at the age of 70, the company said in a message published Tuesday on its Facebook page.

The legendary rocker, founder, singer and bassist of Motörhead, was one of the great survivors of rock’n roll, although inveterate partygoer. His cancer was diagnosed Saturday, two days after his 70th birthday, and he died Monday.

“Our powerful and noble friend Lemmy died today after a short battle against an extremely aggressive cancer,” the group said in his message.

“He had learned that he was suffering from the disease on December 26, and he was at home, sitting at his favorite video game, along with his family” , said Motörhead. “We fail to express the shock and sadness we feel. There are no words for it.”

An emblematic figure of the rock, the singer, who lived in Los Angeles, had an inimitable look, with his favorites chops, his protuberant moles on the face, head covered with a black hat like the rest of his clothes.

On stage, he sang with an abnormally high micro, a habit he had kept the beginnings of the group. This unusual position required him to sing the head turned upwards, which, he said, kept him at the time to see how the spectators were few.

He was considered as one of the pioneers of heavy metal, although it has always ensured that Motörhead was a rock’n roll band.

Ian Kilmister was born December 24, 1945 to Stoke-on-Trent in central England, and raised on the island of Anglesey, in the extreme north-east Wales

He worked as a roadie. – field technician – the legendary American guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Joined the space-rock band Hawkwind, it is excluded after a drug case. Motörhead he founded in 1975.

The group released over 20 studio albums. One of the biggest hits of Motörhead was the song “Ace of Spades”, released in 1980.

Lemmy’s death comes a month after that of Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, former drummer of Motörhead , died at age 61.

The singer’s health had recently deteriorated, but the group continued to play.

– ‘A warrior and a legend’ –

Kilmister attributed his longevity to the fact that I never took heroin, drug he had seen take many friends.

However, it was very far from being hostile to other drugs, and claimed to be once stayed awake for two weeks on speed.

His alcohol consumption was also impressive : a bottle of whiskey a day. But he said he was spending the last years of vodka-orange, to spare his diabetes.

Lemmy claimed to have slept with more than a thousand women. He explained that he had never married because he had to choose between family life and life on the road. He had a son, Paul.

The death of the founder of Motörhead aroused sadness and consternation among his fans and fellow rockers.

“Lost Lemmy today, the one of my best friends, “said Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of Black Sabbath. “He will be sorely missed. He was a warrior and a legend.” “I’ll see you on the other side,” added Osbourne at the deceased

Nikki Sixx, the American band Mötley Crüe. “I’ll miss you, buddy You were always one. . pillar of dignity Rest in peace, Lemmy “.

The British rock band Judas Priest tweeted:” Words for Lemmy will never be sufficient, then we simply say: farewell Lord Lemmy, thank you for Music for concerts. “

Brian May, the Queen guitarist, said Kilmister was” absolutely unique “.

Motörhead was back on stage in January with a tour in the UK and Europe. It was to begin January 23 in Newcastle and the group had to travel to Glasgow, Manchester, London, Lille, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Geneva and Basel.

But the death of Lemmy also means that the group, said Tuesday his drummer, the Swede Mikkey Dee, the daily Expressen. “Motörhead, that’s it, that’s clear. Lemmy Motörhead embodied,” said the musician, who joined the group in 1992.

“We will do more touring or whatever. And it . no more disks but the brand survived and Lemmy continues to live in everyone’s heart, “he added

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