Sunday, December 27, 2015

The playwright and comic Jacques Rampal died at age 71 – Ouest-France

The playwright and cartoonist Jacques Rampal, whose most famous play “Célimène and Cardinal” had received two Molières, died at age 71 following a long illness, said Saturday AFP his sister Nicole Viargues Rampal.

Jacques Rampal “died in Paris Saturday, December 19 and was buried in Père-Lachaise cemetery” said Ms. Viargues Rampal. Born in 1944 in Constantine, Algeria, Jacques Rampal was also a draftsman, a passion he shared with that of the theater.

A suite of Misanthrope

In 1970, he entered Pilot newspaper in which he was one of the main writers for 36 years. In 1974, he participated in the creation of the magazine iconoclastic Mormoil before co-direct fifteen albums whose bestseller “The animals who govern us” gallery of caricatures of political figures.

In the theater, his most famous piece remains “CELIMENE and Cardinal” , established in 1992 at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin with Ludmila Mikaël and Gerard Desarthe in the title roles. She wants a suite of Molière’s Misanthrope, twenty years later. The play, written in Alexandrine, was twice winning the Molières in 1992 (actress to Ludmila Mikaël and costumes and sets) and nominated seven times.

Translated into several languages, it is always represented in France and abroad. Another piece of Jacques Rampal, “The philosopher and the Whore” , was played this fall at the Theatre 13.


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