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Miss France 2016: four questions on the coronation of Iris Mittenaere – FranceTV info

The crown remains in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Mittenaere Iris, 22, was elected Miss France 2016, Saturday, Dec. 19. She succeeds another Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Camille Cerf. With 26% of votes from viewers, Iris Mittenaere beat M iss Martinique, her first runner, and Miss Tahiti, second runner. FranceTV info answers four questions about the coronation.

Who is Iris Mittenaere?

This brunette who hails measure 1,72m Steenvorde of (North) and Grade 5 student in dental surgery. Iris Mittenaere says “some back to school next year.” “She was able to make a lot of effort and sacrifice for the first year of medicine and follow his university career,” said her mother La Voix du Nord.

The young woman like above all the movies, sewing, pilates and fitness “, it said on its profile on the TF1 website. She had obtained the best score on general knowledge test (17.5 / 20) during the selections, while the average was just over 13 Miss, reports France 3 Nord .

Iris Mittenaere very nearly never enter the competition. She was encouraged to enroll in the Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais because there were not enough candidates. “It’s a little chance. But it is true that any girl who looks the election one day wants to become Miss France , said the young woman, in an interview with BBC . There is sometimes a hand of destiny, for me it is a success. “

How she reacted to his election?

Iris Mittenaere, interviewed by RTL Sunday, December 20, is says “truly grateful” after his coronation. “Even though I was hoping in the back of the head have this crown, I did not really believe, she told. I was very surprised . It’s wonderful. It’s a magical night that changed my life. “

The young woman already plans in the coming year. “J e imagines rich and intense. I think doing lots of meetings and discover extraordinary things, she told the Le Figaro . I already feel like this during my preparation, and here more again. I can not wait! “

What it wants to do as Miss France?

During the ceremony, Iris Mittenaere said he wanted to commit to “the schooling of girls.” But this is not the only fight it intends to pursue. I’ll be dentist (…) so I am fighting for access to care in general and in particular dental care, “ said the new Miss France in Le Figaro .

“It is sometimes difficult for some families or for people with disabilities, it is important gold that everyone can be treated, “ she said. The woman hopes to achieve ” very good things “ with the help of the Association of Miss France The good fairies.

What is his program for the coming weeks?

The year 2016 is announced busy for Miss France. Iris Mittenaere participate first in “a lot of photo shoots” before “cruise scheduled in January in the Caribbean “, according to RTL. But that “great program” will have to wait a bit. Miss France 2016 wishes in the first “spend Christmas with family, like everyone else.”

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