Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cinema. The day of the return of the Force – The Telegram

11am yesterday morning: the phone calls are increasing. “In 1 hour 30, I received a couple of phone calls, described Mickaël Fern, site manager. All relate to Star Wars, people want to book their place, know the schedules. There is a real little euphoria around everything. “And the cinema Dinannais part in this great popular movement with a 100% Star Wars decoration in the lobby,” decoration was for a month, but we have everything in place for this weekend. Through a Dinannais collector, was a dozen costumed mannequins. We also built a starry sky and small planets. “ 14 h: the first spectators already in the room With their lightsabers, their masks and T-shirts, Maxence and Mathis do not go unnoticed.. They came with their father, Nicolas, a fan of the first hour: “I arranged to come to work today. Many times we watched movies but the two trilogies were reviewed this weekend and the weekend before. “Just ahead, Mickaël Diego and flatly out the Jedi costumes rented for the occasion:” For me, this is an unexpected moment can come and see Star Wars at the cinema with my nine year old son. He bathes in it since birth. It is completely overexcited, it no longer holds. “Within minutes of the start of the meeting, the room is not full but fans are more present qu’impatients. 16 h 45: queue lengthens
Fifty people are already waiting for the session 3D 17 h 30.. Among them, Alexander, Lucas and Gael, 16, came with their group of friends: “we are here for 15 hours, we wanted to be first. We have already waited so long, it’s hard. “What these teenagers are waiting to hear first? “The plot, what will happen to Han Solo begins to get old and new lightsabers. “ 17 h. Room first exit
At the exit of the first session, opinions are mixed. “Good surprise” for Antoine. “Top” for Nicolas, too excited to say more. For their part, Erwan and Gwendal are a bit disappointed, “we expected better. We are especially disappointed by the lack of action. At the same time, it is the first part of a trilogy, is expected to see more. “Fans should in any case still flock in numbers to Dinannais cinema. For in Dinan, as elsewhere, the Star Wars madness will last well beyond this first day. “There is a momentum around Star Wars. It will last at least a month or a month and a half, “Mickaël Fern slides.

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