Thursday, December 31, 2015

“Star Wars VII”: the regrets of George Lucas – The Point

In 2012, George Lucas sold Star Wars Walt Disney for a whopping $ 4 billion. Following this, the studios have completely seized control of the seventh installment of the saga. As a father who was stripped of custody of her children, the filmmaker has not had its say. Last November, the CBS, the director expressed his dismay.

In view of freshly unveiled new extracts, he explains how he loves the films he created and made. The reporter, George Lucas loose: “I sold to white slave traders who take these things and …” but the director does not finish his sentence, as if he realized the enormity. It concludes with a simple laugh.

“They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it. “

He who strived to make each original episode was totally against the idea of ​​a film” retro “. “They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it. I made my films in completely different ways: different planets, different vessels, making them new. “It is true that the plot of the episode VII looks terribly that of Episode IV, A New Hope , released in 1977 …

Finally, it explains that before the deal with Disney, he thought not be completely stripped of its creation, but to write and direct the result of his first trilogy. But the company did not hear it that way. “They were not very motivated to me to include in the project. If I had been, I would have simply created problems because they would not have done what I wanted them to do. I would have screwed up. “In fact, Disney does not make a mistake because Lucas does not recognize her baby

Lucid, he compares this to a breakup.” When you break up with someone The first rule is not to call; the second is that you do not go home to see what she does. Because if you do that, you revive old wounds. And that makes it even more difficult to live. “Lucas should not have to go see The Force Alarm clock.


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