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Lemmy: story of a rock icon – Les Echos

His last concert in Paris could not take place, because of the attacks. Motörhead should occur Sunday, November 15 at the Zenith. A few months earlier, he had also to be postponed then canceled because Lemmy (the boss) was too low. He will not return. The man died on December 26, from cancer. He had just celebrated his 70th birthday two days ago.

“I’m sick that reduces me to this song, when a guy just plug me in a bar, he yells me” Ace Of Spades ” ear. When even recorded twenty albums, it could vary right? “ Victim of its success, the ace of spades, has become the symbol and rallying cry, aficionados, and for the majority of the public, the story of Motörhead can be summed up in these few words.

Even the words that handle black humor and fatalism often go unnoticed: “You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools. Purpose that’s the way I like it baby, I do not wanna live forever. “ (You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools. But this is what I love baby I do not want to live forever …)

“Rock music has changed my life”

When recording this album, Motörhead is a few years of existence, and as exactly four albums to their credit. Born with punk, leader Lemmy (bass and vocals) is not his first group. It begins in the sixties with the Rockin ‘Vickers, followed by Sam Gopal before continuing the next decade in Hawkwind. He climbs Motörhead in 1976, with Fast Eddie Clarke (guitar) and Phil Animal Philty Taylor (drums).

“The rock has changed my life. I play since 1959 and became a professional in 1961. I was born in 1945. kid, I wanted to be a burglar, but because of Buddy Holly, I had one idea in mind, buy a guitar and start a band rock. Overnight I sought other musicians, but as I lived in the north of Wales and there was no one I went to Manchester hitchhiking. “

Speaking between one of the fiercest disks ” Bomber “ and live ” No Sleep ’til Hammersmith The “ (which will hoist is in first place of the English sales!), the album ” Ace Of Spades “ is carried by the title single. A piece that makes cringe, Nose bleed and incidentally stomp. Moreover, the whole album is a reflection of this hymn, hectic as leading straight to seventh heaven. It talks about chicks (“Fast And Loose,” “Jailbait” ) of the road ( “Bite The Bullet”, “We Are The Road Crew” ) and this rotten society ( “The Hammer” ).

If this is too much is that you’re too old!

Musically it’s rock played at a mile a minute, no wonder then in a Motörhead Rican slang is someone who loves speed. Driven by the booming voice of Lemmy is one of the first heavy metal record, understand who handles the intricacies of the three agreements but with about violence that will create the most brilliant slogan in the history of rock If this is too much is that you’re too old!

A note here the important role even essential Vic Maile, who had the difficult task of producing this album, the Lemmy plea in person, he is the first to ‘blackmailing, ie to pronounce all the syllables of words instead of screaming (and swallow). It is true that Vic’s has the calm things down, the Who to Dr.Feelgood through the Inmates or Eddie and the Hot Rods, man has seen half of British rock in front of his console.

Chance or not, the cover of this album is the only one to present a photo Length musicians, dressed for the occasion in magnificent costumes cowboy bandit major release paths, definitely the kind of guys that we would not like to cross at the corner of one desert. Caught in the mine Barnet, Alan Ballard is the most successful cover of the band’s history, and perhaps also one of those who does not lie on the content.

A lifestyle

The Tour ensuing be heavy and fierce, even Phil Taylor s’ it will break the neck and wearing a neck brace have several weeks, which earned us a happy interlude and an original collaboration between the two remaining Motörhead and the all-female group, Girlschool. The group was at its peak, it is even invited on the set of Top Of The Pops and first part of the North American tour with Ozzy Osbourne.

Thirty years later, Motörhead who recorded twenty albums studios, is still led by Lemmy who now lives in Los Angeles “Because chicks and sun , also prices that are halved. “

Their logo, a cross between a monkey, a werewolf and a dog with huge horns meets the sweet name of Snaggletooth (also war-pig) has become as famous as the song “Ace Of Spades” . A sign of recognition shared by all that one has converted to Joe Petagno.

Motörhead became a rock icon, just like Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones, one of the few groups to have crossed the borders of its original style. Concerts it is not uncommon for fans of punk rock or metal enjoying the fireworks. Motörhead is the symbol of a lifestyle that rejects concessions.

But unlike others, James Dean for example, if a condition was live fast, die young was absolutely not necessary.


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