Friday, December 25, 2015

New trailer uncensored Deadpool more irreverent and Burne, you die! – Screenrush

Check out the new trailer trash Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds in the costume of the most atypical anti-heroes of the Marvel Universe. The output of this action film that one has to Tim Miller is scheduled for 10 February.

“What they did to me made me totally indestructible and not least completely inbaisable”, “it’s going to shit in pots”, “I say Never again but please do not swallow “,” I pity the little virgin that will put pressure on him to sleep “… Such punchlines, only one superhero can recite them is Deadpool, the most mutant Marvel trash the galaxy. To celebrate Christmas, we offer this new uncensored trailer that details a little more what was allowed us to see in the above trailer released last summer.

More aftershocks felt so good but also uninhibited action aplenty, the bad guy and bad girl (ed skrein and Gina Carano) having sex appeal to spare and two guests to work belonging to the universe X-Men: The muscular Colossus – that we are promised very faithful to the original comic book – and the Gothic telepath Negasonic Teenage Warhead interpreted here by Brianna Hildebrand

== & gt;. Ryan Reynolds: “No superheroes can steal the show from Deadpool!”

You’ll definitely understood the vision of these new images, the duo Tim Miller / Ryan Reynolds decided to kill the genre by giving us the next February 10 a blockbuster totally blocked and free of any form of solemnity.

The same trailer and more soft

Deadpool Trailer


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