Friday, December 25, 2015

Record sales in France Louane, kendji and Adele, the 2015 winning trio –

Somewhat more pronounced than the Last year, 2015 appears as a year when purchasing music on physical media wants almost an atypical act. And if more or less significant differences were however observed between artists having sold the most records in France in 2015, one thing is clear from the outset.

Thanks to the figures issued by the SNEP and firm GfK and reported by about the album sales recorded until December 17, we see that the artist indeed having passed the most albums in France Louane , totals 700,000 records sold with “Room 12″. It should also be clear that the GfK data relate to both physical sales that dematerialized, making more relevant astonished not to see a leader of the charts in at least one million sales counter.

Louane: 700,000 records sold in France in 2015 with “Room 12″

Second in the standings with 550,000 copies sold of “kendji girac” his first album (for a total of 1.1 million) , kendji girac also incorporates a second time the top 10 (in 6th place) with his second album released in 2015. “Together” has thus already sold nearly 350,000 units, and by combining the two performances, the Gypsy singer could even claim a first place with almost 900,000 discs have been sold in the current year.

Two kendji girac albums in the top 10 and only foreign representative like Adele

“25″ allows for its part to his interpreter Adele to take over the third position with over 560,000 copies sold. It is also noted that the Columbia is the only foreign artist in this ranking. We then find Christine and the Queens (“Warmth”, 380,000 sales in 2015), Francis Cabrel (“In extremis”, 360,000), Master Gims (“My heart was right”, 340,000), Calogero (“Fires of fireworks “, 290.000), Les Enfoirés (” On the Road “, 280,000) and Johnny Hallyday (” In Love “, 255.000)

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