Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars 7: JJ Abrams explains the role of R2-D2 – Cinema

Do not read this article if you have not seen the latest Star Wars.

It’s not just the power that awakens in Star Wars 7 , there is also R2-D2. It goes into effect almost all of her screen time in a vegetative state ( “It is idle since the departure of Master Luke” explains C3PO about it) he suddenly comes out the end of the movie. And if The Force Wake is the start of a new galactic era led by new characters in reinforced concrete while signing the return of old ones to the delight of fans of the saga, d a screenwriting perspective, was it really necessary to include the droid in history?

During a question and answer organized with the American public at the end of a projection The director explained the standby blue and white robot (via Entertainment Weekly ). “In the scene with R2-D2, BB-8 approached him and said, ‘ I have a half card, have you the rest?’ tells Abrams . At this time, R2, who traveled throughout the galaxy, is still in a coma, but he manages to hear this sentence. It acts as the trigger which brings it to life “.

Okay. And suddenly…? The director admits nonetheless that the awakening of the droid is important for the emotional dimension of his film: “Although at this moment, this event may seem too easy, when one has already lost character (his name is silent, ie) and another that one is particularly fond of is unconscious, it is hoped the return of one of the two “. Bingo

Trailer for Star Wars:. The Force Wake


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