Sunday, December 27, 2015

“Prodigies” is Melvin, the big winner of this second edition? – MetroNews

Melvin has attacked a monument by revisiting the opening of William Tell , Rossini’s opera, ballet. And yet, from a height of fifteen, he conquered the heart of the jury and especially that of the dancer Patrick Dupond, who was moved to tears on the set of the show “Wonders”.

as obvious classical dance has become Melvin. From the age of three, he took his first steps … dance! “I have never walked, I danced directly!” Said the young prodigy. His parents, both disabled, have always encouraged their son and the latter did not fail to pay tribute to each of its services. “It’s not because my parents are in wheelchairs they prevented their children to do anything. On the contrary, even! They have always been behind me …” said Melvin our Téléstar colleagues .

A bright future in the world of dance

A native of Toulouse, this virtuoso was a student the second class in high school before entering vocational training in VM Dance Studio Toulouse. Since then, he studied by correspondence via Cned and expects earned his Bachelor, like his comrades, in two years

In winning “Prodigies” facing the two other finalists -. Hakob, 12 years , winner in the singing category, and Elise, harpist 13 years category winner of the instrument – it was also awarded a scholarship of 10,000 euros. In an interview with the Le Figaro , the young man revealed that he did not know what he would do in this tidy sum. “I’ll keep my purse for future travel or expensive to house when I change my company. But for now, I stay in Toulouse,” he said. Cool even in victory, he also told the newspaper: “In fact no one is prodigious, but some are born with a talent that must then be worked”

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