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Juliette Greco unfolds in an unpublished portrait on France 2 – FranceTV info

Icon of French song, Juliette Greco embodies freedom, impertinence, sensuality and the heyday of Saint-Germain-des-Près booming. “That may be because I was not expecting anything that so many things happened to me,” said Juliette Greco opening of this documentary based on archive images, sound clips, testimonials relatives and whose common thread is a conversation between the artist and the journalist Stéphane Bern.

Juliette Greco in 1957

Juliette Greco in 1957

© Daniel Fallot / INA / AFP

A shy child

Heading “Juliette Greco, a free woman,” he first returns to the adventurous childhood from that, “unloved by his mother “understood early on that to be happy,” he had to expect nothing from others. ” Shy, little Juliette took refuge in silence and could spend hours without opening his mouth.
While his mother and sister were deported during the war (they will return the camps), it is spared because of his young age. The documentary watch at the end of adolescence, penniless exile in Paris. This is the Liberation and, with it, the excitement found in cabarets and jazz clubs of Saint-Germain-des-Près district near the boarding house where she lives.
Juliette Greco It crosses all the intellectual and artistic Paris at the time: Sartre, Beauvoir, Vian, Prévert, Brel, Ferré, Sagan, Camus, Cocteau … She is the muse of some, like Charles Trenet and Serge Gainsbourg. “There is no author worthy of the name that has not wanted to write it,” she says of the author of “Javanese”, as it will offer him.

Beauty and insolence

Amante, mistress, love eternal, it is 19 years since she first met the man of her life, car champion Jean-Pierre Wimille, which kill shortly after driving a bolide, Argentina.
She will also share the life of the black jazz musician Miles Davis, in defiance of the prejudices of the time, the actor Philippe Lemaire (she had a daughter), the US producer Darryl Zanuck, 30 years his senior, and actor Michel Piccoli, with whom she lived eleven.
In the 1950s, Hollywood called on his doe eyes and France illustrate it notably by embodying, in 1965, a dual role in “Belphegor or the Phantom of the Louvre”.
Its beauty and insolence will speak marvelously in “Undress Me” ode to free woman and sensuality it creates in 1968 at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.

For 88 years, after a career of nearly seven decades, “Jolie Mome” began last spring a farewell tour entitled “Thank You” . It will continue notably in 2016 and will stop at the Louvre, on 5 and 6 February and in Japan and London. “Juliette Greco, a free woman,” Wednesday, December 30 at 11:20 p.m. on France 2.


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